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About The AT: April 17th – August 5th

The Appalachian Trail was my final hike to complete my Triple Crown (PCT, CDT, AT). The AT is the most hiked long trail of the Triple Crown. Often referred to as the “Green Tunnel”, the AT is a mostly wooded hike with quite a bit of elevation challenges as it runs north along America’s Eastern states. Having confidence in my physical and mental hiking skills at this point, I set off on the AT to challenge my social side. I struggled for some of the hike, but by the end, I probably grew the most of all three of my trails thanks to the amazing experiences I had sharing the trail journey with others. Almost all of these entries were posted as I hiked, using my iPhone nightly to journal in my tent, after hiking usually 20-30 miles from sun up to sun down. I know how helpful this journal can be to others preparing for a thru hike, so I made this page to hopefully ease the frustration of navigating through all my archives.

BASE PACK WEIGHT: 12lbs. 13.2oz.

Before The Hike

During The Hike

Day 1: Here We Go!
Day 2: Well That Didn’t Take Long
Day 3: Stop & Go
Bonus: One Million Views!
Day 4: A Nero To Haiwassee, GA
Day 5: North Carolina Baby!
Day 6: I’ll Take It
Day 7: A Day of Views
Day 8: Yup, Definitely NOT Flat
Day 9: Whew, Close One!
Day 10: Early Spring In The Smokies
Day 11: A Big Day In The Smokies
Day 12: Calm Before The Storm
Day 13: My First Zero In Newport
Day 14: A Bit Of Everything
Day 15: I Could Get Used To This
Day 16: Jello Wired
Day 17: Downhill Day To Erwin
Day 18: An Enjoyable Uphill Day
Day 19: A Day With Lead Legs
Day 20: Goodbye North Carolina
Day 21: I’m A Ghost
Day 22: Cruisin’ With Others
Day 23: Virginia, Damascus, & Creeper Trail
Day 24: Dare I Say It?
Day 25: Grayson Highlands and Sore Feet
Day 26: In My Head
Day 27: A Pitstop In Atkins
Day 28: Big Day To The Big Walker
Day 29: A Rainy Day Zero
Day 30: From Bland To Boring
Day 31: An Eventful Virginia Day
Day 32: It’s A Social Trail
Day 33: Everything Is Clicking
Day 34: Hiking Tooth & Knob
Day 35: One More Day
Day 36: A Nero To Daleville, VA
Day 37: A Pleasant Day
Day 38: Man, It Feels Great To HIKE!
Day 39: A Fitting Survivor Day
Day 40: Hikin’ Thru It
Day 41: A Half Day To Waynesboro, VA
Day 42: Entering Shenandoah National Park
Day 43: A Day Of Rain & Fog
Day 44: Walking With The Kallins
Day 45: Drafting Off Wired
Day 46: Goodbye Shenandoah
Day 47: A Super Nero In Front Royal, VA
Day 48: The No View Day
Day 49: Goodbye Virginia!
Day 50: Harpers Ferry!
Day 51: A Zero In Harpers Ferry, WV
Day 52: Hiking With Family & Friends
Day 53: On My Own Again
Day 54: HALFWAY On A Humid Day
Day 55: Adjusting To A New Normal
Day 56: Makin’ It Happen Again!
Day 57: Ugh, Back Into The Rainforest
Day 58: In The Zone
Day 59: Unplugging The Humidifier
Day 60: A Nero To Port Clinton, PA
Day 61: Let The Rock Hopping Begin
Day 62: Hitting Rock Bottom…Hard
Day 63: Brand New Day
Day 64: A Zero Fit For A Hermit
Day 65: New Jersey Baby!
Day 66: They’re Baack…
Day 67: A Rocky Welcome To New York
Day 68: A New York Marathon
Day 69: Letting Go…A Little
Day 70: Even The Rocks Are Sweating
Day 71: Connecticut Baby!
Day 72: Eye Of The Storm
Day 73: Mercy Massachusetts!
Day 74: Just One Of Those Days
Day 75: Trail Monotony
Day 76: Town Hopping
Day 77: A Wet Welcome To Vermont
Day 78: Vermud, Verbrush, Verrocks, Verroots, Verrain
Day 79: The Fourth With Friends
Day 80: A Much Needed Relaxing & Pleasant Day
Day 81: The Bad Boyfriend
Day 82: A Slippery Slope
Day 83: Up, Sweat, Down, Cool, Repeat
Day 84: A Nero In…NEW HAMPSHIRE Baby!
Day 85: The New Hampshire Reset
Day 86: Almost There
Day 87: Up For The Challenge
Day 88: A Nero To A Hiker Reunion
Day 89: A Zero At Swinja’s
Day 90: Yeah Buddy!
Day 91: Well Worth The Wait!
Day 92: All Is Right In Hiker World
Day 93: Satisfying Our Hiker Hunger
Day 94: Oops, We Did It Again
Day 95: Back To Swinja’s
Day 96: Maine Baby!
Day 97: Slow Motion
Day 98: Maine In Rain
Day 99: Motivating Magic
Day 100: See The Watery Part Of The World
Day 101: A Half Day To Stratton
Day 102: Bigelow Bubble
Day 103: Hittin’ The Ground Not Runnin’
Day 104: Wet Feet
Day 105: Monson, The Final Stop
Day 106: Moseying Into The 100 Mile Wilderness
Day 107: The Unexpected Long Day
Day 108: Finally Cruising!
Day 109: Feelin’ It
Day 110: The Day Before
Day 111: Katahdin Baby!

After The Hike

Videos From The Hike

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  1. Hey Wired, is Drop n Roll gonna hike the AT with you? Seems you both need to finish your Triple Crown.

    • You are very right Kevin. Drop N Roll may never do the AT. She was raised on the east coast and is not a fan. She has said she'd rather spend the time on a trail she'd really like to do. I know of three people doing the AT this year just through the online community, but no one I have overlapped with in person.

    • I have not looked at your blog for about a year now. I'm super excited to see that you're getting ready for the AT! I'll be checking in more frequently again!

    • Great to hear!

  2. In the past year I have begun to read former thru hikers books, and research the AT, dreaming of heading out just as soon as I can step away from life for months! Awesome that you will soon be a triple crowner! Congrats! I look forward to following along with your journey on the AT!

    • Thanks Ashley. I hope you will enjoy this very much. It's quite addicting to follow a blog as it's happening in real time and I love bringing others along with me through the journal. It's gonna be a fun ride to Katahdin!

    • I live in Virginia and am planning on doing a weekend trip on the AT this spring with some friends. I am anxious to get on the trail as soon as possible even though I can't do the whole trip right now. I am following a number of the blogs from The Good Badger's site, maybe I will run into some of you guys in VA. I hiked Humpback Rocks in October 2013 and was thinking about going back to that area for my weekend trip; and I would love the opportunity to provide a little trail magic for you guys!

    • That's great. I love the opportunity that trial blogs bring to those who can't get out there just yet. I'm surprised the ATC doesn't have a more formal link to those who are journaling. The Good Badger's site was the only one I found that posted links to blogs that aren't on trailjournals. Happy trails:)

  3. Hey Wired! Yay! I'm excited to hear this and be able to follow along. Thanks for keeping up the commitment to blog, share you wisdom and gear know how and inspire others. Are we going to be able to help with your resupplies again? 🙂

    • Hi Christy! I thought of you the other day as the time is approaching to get those JMT permits in…I already have my care package tab updated and the PO Box is open for goodies:) I haven't yet got the resupply chart figured out. So happy the blog is helping. It's been a nice break away from it this winter, but I'll be up and going again as I start AT prep.

  4. excited for this next adventure for you !! will be fun again.. to enjoy my coffee each day and read about all ur antics and joys and woes along the way… we are so proud of you.. and want you to know we will support you as much as needed… 2 things to do… have fun and be safe ! 🙂

    • Oh boy! Getting closer! So great to have your support Corinna:) Thank you!

  5. Hey Wired, just wanted to say hi and hope to see you on the AT this year. I'm starting before you but I'm sure you'll catch me up. My trail name, unless the trail renames me will be "lost and found" (laf for short). Also wanted to thank you for the gear reviews and for the spreadsheet (originally done by PB) you posted on Whiteblaze; I used it as a starting point for my resupply plan.

    You've done an awesome job with your journal.. I hope mine will be ½ as good. All the best and again, look forward to seeing you on the trail.

    • Great to hear laf. You are very welcome. I started off by studying all the online gear lists I could. They are a pain to post, but I know how valuable it was for me and I want to do the same for others. I have yet to update it for the AT. Three significant changes for the AT are that I will be that I will go back to my synthetic jacket (rather than down), starting out with an umbrella to see how I like it, and I will drop the solar charger for a battery pack I've yet to decide on. The blogging on the trail is quite the undertaking, but it's something that's so great to have when all is said and done. See you up the trail!

  6. Good Luck on your AT through Hike. I hope to follow you from Korea! Wish I could be planning a long trail for this summer but it's time to refill the coffers.


    • Hey Bloodbath! Hope to keep you entertained. I'm looking forward to it and it will pretty much be the opposite of the CDT in so many ways…going to be interesting to see if I go crazy(or crazier) with all the peeps on the trail!

  7. I'll be following your posts with great interest. Good luck!

    • Yay! Thanks Tom!

  8. Hey there Wired. You are an inspiration to thru-hikers everywhere. I'd love to someday be able to put life on hold for a few months and attempt a thru-hike of the AT, but for now, I'll need to settle for picking away at my sections. I only live a few miles away from the AT in PA where the trail crosses PA 641 (Rocksylvania as you will soon enough find out). My hiking buddy Speedy G. and I will be delivering some most excellent trail magic at PA 641, likely in mid-June when the bulk of the hikers are coming through. Maybe our paths will cross. I look forward to following your blog and your progress. Stay safe. Brian (AMP)

    • That sounds wonderful AMP! Hopefully I'll get to meet you on the trail:) I am starting to understand why it takes so long to hike the AT. There is so much great hospitality and trail magic to distract the hikers!

  9. Starting on my birthday! Best wishes for an exciting, fulfilling hike!

    • Wahoo! I feel like it's going to be a great start!

  10. It's going to be great to read your impressions of the trail. Especially since you're going from the most remote trail of the big 3, the CDT, to the most accessible of the big 3. Keep Going Girl! You're going to do great!

    • I agree. I'm interested to see my reaction given that I tend to hike away from the large groups. I don't think that's possible out there!

  11. getting geared up to follow you again this year wired. , last year was great. was wondering how the larger groups and more wetter weather will affect you his year.

    • I'm interested to see how it affects me too. I'm feeling very strong and ready to start!

  12. Well, was layin here thinkin I wonder where Erin is? Bet your excited. Cant wait to check your posts just like the old days, hehe..So here you go, man time flies. Hope your feet do great and you dont have a problem losing crap! lol! Your badass, Triple Crown…BAM! Enjoy your hike, Peace! Wheelchair John.

    • At the moment, I'm exhausted…training, planning, working a ton…trying to find time to blog and update everyone. Thanks for the shout out!

  13. Erin —
    Thanks for sending your slide presentations of your training hikes!
    The photos of the misty forest trails are hauntingly magical. Your expansive landscape views are dramatic. And as ever your natural enthusiasm is always welcome warmth. These are real shared gifts for us armchair hikers. All has got to be fine preparation for the AT to come, for you and for us!

    • What a wonderfully stated comment Sammy. Thanks:)

  14. Today is the day! I can hardly wait to read your first on trail post from the AT! I am very excited for you Wired. Wish I could be on trail this year, as well. I am certainly looking forward to your blog this season. Good luck!

  15. Have you read Bill Bryson's "A Walk In the Woods?" I finished your last blog on the AT and picked the book out of the bookcase to read again. I have been laughing so hard, I am sure I have broken some internal organs.

    • Yes, it's a very popular book. They are actually making the movie with Robert Redford and Nick Nolte along the trail this summer.

  16. When I dont see your blog for two or three days when you are in town, I get honest to God worried about you like a family member. My imagination goes everywhere such as 1. She is hurt or sick, 2. Had to leave the trail because a tragedy in her family, or 3. She has been swept off her feet by a great guy with tons of money who has taken her to Hawaii on her honeymoon.

    • Aw, sorry to worry you. The SPOT was out of batteries the last few days and sometimes I can't get the service to get the blog posted the next day. Don't worry, I'd never leave without an explanation. I know what it's like to be hooked on a blog too. I always get disappointed when the posts aren't daily. So addictive!

  17. I'm really enjoying your blog. I thru-hiked the AT last year. My blog wasn't nearly as well written & documented as yours is. Congrats on making it to Harpers Ferry. Zman, GA-ME 2013; 3/21 – 8/19.

    • Thanks Zman! It's quite the commitment, but I like bringing everyone along "with" me:) standing in line at Subway as I type this now!

  18. Go Erin! You’re halfway there! I started on the A.T. earlier this year but even though I thought I had prepared enough for the trail I was wrong. I had to come off early as my knees didn’t like the downhills. My wife and I are still supporting my hiking partner, SAYBAK, all the way to Maine though and I’m considering another try next year after I turn 65 in December. Anyway love to see your photos and read your blog. I’ll be cheering you on to Katahdin!

    • Thanks Retread. Yeah, you're not the only one. The AT takes out a lot of people at the knees for sure! Good luck:)


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