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About The Cape To Cape:

The Cape To Cape Track is an 84mi trail that runs along the southwest coast of Australia between the lighthouses of Cape Naturaliste and Cape Leeuwin. A picturesque hike that has a wide range of terrain from beautiful coastal beaches, to clifftop views, and inland forests. I got amazing weather on this hike and really enjoyed it. Again, I was able to find solitude yet be near civilization with plenty of facilities if need be. There was a lot of sand slogging involved, but all was worth it for 4 grand days along the beautiful Western Australia Coast. Sunsets on the ocean, whales, kangaroos, and a variety of camping options. Many take 5-8 days for this trip to really soak it in and do it in a more relaxed fashion. Such a great experience!

BASE PACK WEIGHT: 12lbs. 15.4oz.

Before The Hike

On The Horizon For 2016…

Let The Drumroll Begin! For 2016-2017 I’ll be hiking several high routes, the Wonderland Trail, and then heading down under. I’ll be in Australia and New Zealand this fall and I can’t wait!

During The Hike

Day 5: A Sandy Sendoff

October 28th Moses Camsite(62.5)-Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse(83.6) Mileage: 21.1mi/34km Today was...

Day 3: Three For Three

October 26th 1km N of Boranup Beach N Exit(21.4)-Margaret River Mouth(42.9) Mileage: 21.5mi/34.5km...

Day 2: Just Beachy

October 25th Just N of Quarry Bay (1.2)-1km N of Boranup Beach N Exit (21.4) Mileage:...

Day 1: On To The Next One

October 24th Cape Leeuwin/Southern Terminus(0)-Just N of Quarry Bay (1.2) Mileage: 1.2mi/2km I was...

After The Hike

Farewell Australia

I gave myself the last handful of days off from blogging as I wrapped up my time in Australia and...
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