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Where’s Wired?

I’m currently not hiking, but I leave this tab up for others looking to do something similar on their site.

Um, this map is AWESOME! As I hike, I carry a Garmin inReach SE as a locator device and my check-ins will appear on this map. When I choose to check-in each day, my green “W” icon will appear on the map to show where I am. If you select me on the right hand side, it will show an individual map of my full history of check-ins along the trail. You can even select satellite view on the ‘Maps’ tab and the ‘Map Layers’ tab allows you to see the current weather radar and snow depth.

If you would like to create a similar page on your blog, it is available for many trails including the AT, CDT and PCT with an option to embed the map to a website if you wish. First create a shared page on the SPOT website (Garmin users just use your tracking button). Second, go to www.trackleaders.com and email them the link to your SPOT shared page or Garmin share link. Most shared pages normally only saves your 7 most recent check-ins…this will keep an unlimited amount of check-ins, so you are able to see my whole trek!

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