Aug 14th & 15th
Grouse Gap Shelter(1715.9)-Ashland(1726.6)
Today’s Mileage: 10.7mi

I am just completing my nero and zero in Grants Pass and I still have a ton to do in very little time, so here’s a quick summary with pics. We woke up to a great first day in Oregon and flew into Ashland on great trail by 10:30am.

I was picked up by my step uncle and aunt and they took me to their place in Grants Pass. The rest of the group stayed and zeroed in Ashland. It was a much needed break for me, but filled with a ton of stuff to do for the trail and personal life. I just wish I had more time! There is always something on the list of things to do! Here’s some pics from my all to short break from the trail. Tomorrow, I will be hiking out with Red Blaze and Half Fast. Liz, Funyan, and Meow Meow will also be heading out tomorrow and we all hope to be able to camp together at the end of the day if it works out.

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