I’m leavin’ Stehekin and weather looks ideal. Just bought my chocolate milk to celebrate at the border and it hit me! My eyes welled up with tears already! I’m gonna be a mess!

The wifi here was horrible and I probably won’t have reception to post until the night of the 24th. Here’s the schedule…
-Get to the border the afternoon of the 23rd and drink my chocolate milk.
-Camp somewhere along the 8mi between the monument and Manning Park the night of the 23rd.
-Go in early to Manning for a celebratory breakfast and hopefully shower before a bus ride to Vancouver.
-Stay with my friend Brian in Vancouver on the 24th and hopefully get my posts up.
-Take the awesome Cascade Amtrak home to Portland on the 25th and get remaining videos and posts loaded in a day or two. Yay!

Again, I did see all the well wishes and messages I was sent, but was unable to reply to all of them on this short stop. Thank you all for the motivation!

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