Every few weeks, I will bounce my computer to myself and upload all my photos and videos from the previous section. Here is what I have from the first part of the CDT…on the PCT, there was a program I could easily use (Craigs PCT Planner) that gave me a jpeg of a map and elevation chart. I’m sorry I don’t have that for the CDT…if anyone knows of a way to do that, please email me!

If the slideshow and videos are not visible and you are using a smartphone or mobile device, you may need to be on a computer to view them.
Slideshow Southern Terminus(Crazy Cook)-Silver City, NM (0-144.5)


Starting The Continental Divide Trail 

Cross Country With Cairns(Mile 14)


A Hot Windy Day Finding Blazes (Mile 47)

Fun On A CDT Road Walk (Mile 85)

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