Here is the summary from my third section of trail, Grants, NM- Wolf Creek Pass(Pagosa Springs, CO), miles 400.6-719.6.

If the slideshow and videos are not visible and you are using a smartphone or mobile device, you may need to be on a computer to view them.

***I got the video posted from the Gila on Day 13 when I couldn’t find my camera and posted it here at the bottom as a bonus and also on the original post that it belongs with. Enjoy the entertainment.

 Slideshow Grants, NM-Wolf Creek Pass(Pagosa Springs, CO) (400.6-719.6) 

Summit of Mt. Taylor(~Mile 420)


Mesa Mazes (~Miles 468-495)

Sharing Break Time With Cows

Flat Top Mountain Summit(~Mile 660)

A Day In The Life of CDTers in The South San Juans(~Miles 680-690)

Glissading and Steep Slopes in the South San Juans


More of the South San Juans(~Mile 700)

*Bonus:Wired Can’t Find Her Camera in the Gila!


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