Hi Everyone! I wanted to give you all an update on what I’ve been up to the last couple of months before I take some time off from the blog. Also, I have a possibly exciting new venture I am proposing below, so be sure to keep reading!
I’ll probably return to blogging sometime in February when I start planning more for the Appalachian Trail, which I’ll be starting in mid April. Those of you who have followed my journal from the beginning know that I tend to only write about my long trips and I like to take a break from blogging when I’m in the “offseason.” I will still post updates and photos from time to time on my Walking With Wired Facebook page, so I won’t completely disappear. In fact those of you already following on Facebook will find this post to be a bit of a review of things you’ve already seen.

Since I’ve been back home, I’ve had a great time giving CDT presentations around Portland. I still have a few left in the coming months that are listed above. The turnout and feedback from the presentations have been beyond anything I ever imagined.

I did 3 local REI presentations with all three filled to capacity. Love the big screen and the “Wired-posed” crowd!
Presentations and Gear Talk for the Trails Club of Oregon at Nesika Lodge in the Columbia Gorge.

I’ve been getting many inquiries as to if I will be doing presentations outside of Portland. Nothing is planned at the moment, but I really feel like I could take it to the next level given the opportunity. I’ve even thought about attempting a “Triple Crown Tour” that I could do next fall in which I could take a month or so to travel around the country and present to larger groups on a grander scale. It’s one of those things that is easier said than done…but I’ve always enjoyed a challenge. If I were to do such a thing, it would require a grass roots kind of effort that I think we could all work together to create. I am just throwing the idea out right now to see if anyone has any bright ideas or suggestions. Feel free to email me if you do!

I’ve been working a ton to save up for the trail. A lot of people ask how I can afford to take off so much time to thru hike. Well, I work double in the months that I am home by substitute teaching everyday and then babysitting/nannying on weeknights and weekends. The one day I usually have off is Sunday and I’ve managed to get out on a lot of hikes since I’ve been home. The fall here has been unusually dry and I’ve been taking advantage of if before the rain sets in for the winter. I’m pretty worn out, but in a really good way. Really lovin’ life right now! Here are some photos for your viewing pleasure to show you why the Northwest made me fall in love with hiking! Happy holidays to everyone and I’ll be back in a couple months.

Click here to order your own customized stamp from my friend Funhog.

I went on a hike with Drop-N-Roll to find the Mt Hood Glacier Caves. Just EPIC!

Drop-N-Roll taking it all in.

I seriously think Drop-N-Roll Should submit this photo she took to a photo contest!
Another one of Drop-N-Roll’s great photos!

I took a map and compass class with the local Mazamas that was really well taught. It was a full day class that was half day classroom and half day in the field for application. Click here if you’re interested in taking the class yourself. Yes, it is ironic that I chose to do this after the CDT and before the AT where I won’t even need to carry maps.

Putting my compass to use!

And I’ve gotten in a few more hikes in the Columbia Gorge and around Mt Hood.

The Columbia Gorge looking down on Bridge of the Gods.
I just can’t get enough of the trees!
A hike to Devils Peak lookout tower with a view of the SE side of Mt Hood.

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