Those of you that followed my Appalachian Trail journal this past summer were captured by the Kallin family I overlapped with in Shenandoah. Dave “All In” Kallin gave and inpsirational TEDx talk as he shared what it was like to experience the trail as a family and through the eyes of 7yr old Cartwheel and 9yr old Robin Hood. I sooo LOVE them!
In this all-too-short 10min talk, All In even shares a great story of our time spent together. It was quite a memorable day on the trail for all of us. I loved going back to both of our journals to read our accounts of that day. If you’re interested, here’s the link of my account of that day, Drafting Off Wired and theirs, Two Month Marathon Day.
Here is the video of the full inspirational TEDx talk. Yes, I got teary eyed! If you can’t view it (on a smartphone) click here to be redirected

On a related note, if you all would like to see these kiddos in action, I want to remind everyone that we will all be featured in the upcoming Appalachian Trail docu-comedy “Flip Flop Flipped-Further Adventures of A Random Nature on the Applachian Trail.” It is the final film in Squatch’s trilogy to complete the AT and is sure to be entertaining. Preorders can be made on Squatch’s website

Squatch has arranged a big screen Portland, OR premiere March 7th at the Laurelhurst Theater. It is sure to sell out, so if you’d like to preorder tickets click here(all proceeds go to the ATC and PCTA).

As a shot in the dark, random chance universe thing, I thought I’d mention that if I had one wish on that day, it would be that the Kallins would magically be able to fly out from Maine to see the premiere on a big screen. If anyone has the frequent flyer miles to book them a flight across the US, let’s make it happen!!! 

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