Slideshow: Hanksville, UT-Kanab, UT (Mile 209.3-529)

Here is the slideshow from the section chunk of the Hayduke Trail. I won’t do another slideshow til the end, so enjoy this one that has many photos and wonderful narrows. You may not be able to view this on a smartphone or in the email if you are an email subscriber. Click here for the direct link if you don’t see it below.

For a more descriptive idea of this section, here is the breakdown of how it all connected…
From Hanksville, it was back out to Poison Spring Canyon and on towards the Henry Mtns. Over Mt. Ellen, down Sweetwater Creek Canyon, over Tarantula Mesa, dropping down into Muley Creek Canyon, and down Swap Canyon to Capitol Reef National Park. There the route climbs up the Burr Trail and then drops down into Lower Muley Twist Canyon connecting with Halls Creek and then the Halls Creek Narrows to then go up over the Waterpocket Fold. Then down Stevens Canyon to a bit of the Escalante River and then the popular Coyote Gulch exiting at Hurricane Wash. From there it’s up over 50mi Bench and then down Monday Canyon and Rogers Canyon. Then up Navajo Canyon, down Reese Canyon, and up Last Chance Creek Canyon. Some dirt road walking to then go down Round Valley Draw Canyon and Hackberry Canyon. Then up the Paria River to Bull Valley Gorge and then Willis Canyon and Sheep Canyon. Some road walking to resupply in Tropic, UT and then a nice alternate to add in Bryce Canyon going through the heart of the park and then out on the Under the Rim Trail and into Bullrush Gorge to connect to more road walking to then hitch to Kanab, UT. Whew!

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