Slideshow: Klondike Bluffs-Hanksville (Mile 0-209.3)

Here is the slideshow from the first quarter of the Hayduke Trail. Enjoy! You may not be able to view this on a smartphone or in the email if you are an email subscriber. Click here for the direct link if you don’t see it.

In more specific description, here is how this stretch connected. Starting at Arches National Park at teh Klondike Bluffs, then over to Devils Garden and Devils Garden Campground. Leaving the park by following and underground pipeline and then barbed wire to slickrock. The slickrock alternate took us down the Great Wall and then connected to Courthouse Wash, which then took the route directed through Moab, UT. After Moab, the route goes along the Colorado River and we went on the Jackson Trail to Amasa Back. Then down to Jackson Hole to some road walking in Lockhart Basin and we took a fun alternate down Lockhart Cliffs. Then down Rustler Canyon to Indian Creek and climbing up out from Indian Creek. Some cross country and road walking goes to Needles at Canyonlands National Park. From Squaw Flat Campground is a nice alternate route of the Peekaboo Trail to Salt Creek Canyon and down into Beef Basin Wash. From there, it’s up Ruin Canyon, and down Dark Canyon, up the steep Sundance Trail to some road walking to Hite Marina. From Hite, it was up a canyon with a class 4 scramble to then cross the washes of the Red Benches. Then down into Fiddler’s Cove Canyon and up the Dirty Devil to Poison Spring Canyon and a hitch to Hanksville, UT. Pretty cool!  

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