Hi Everyone! You know I don’t ask for much and don’t like to send out spam and such, but I have to ask this of you all…

The two organizations with the most votes at the end of the public voting period will win $25,000 grants. The voting period runs from Sept 1-Oct 31. You are allowed to vote everyday once per day at http://superiortrails.michelobultra.com

I want to do all I can to make this happen and since I can’t magically multiply, I’m doing the next best thing. If you want to help and vote each day (1min of your time!), I will be sending out a daily email reminder with the link above to make it easy. Just email me (or hit reply to this email if you are an email subscriber) and send me your email address and I’ll add you to the daily email reminder list. All you’ll need to do is click on the link each day and vote. This can’t happen without all our votes, so please help make this happen fo the Continental Divide Trail! Below is an explanation of what they plan to do with the grant if they win.

**NOTE: If you are a personal friend or family member of mine, (that means you too dad!) you should feel a moral obligation to help with this! Just because you aren’t a thru hiker, it doesn’t mean you can’t help.

The funding awarded to the CDTC will help support new trail construction of the CDT in New Mexico in the Carson and Gila National Forests in and around Chama and slifer City respectively. The funding will also help them train new adopters to take over maintenance of the CDT in the areas once completed. Help them to complete the CDT and help them to get funding for the CDT in New Mexico!!! 

No do two things before you forget: 
1. VOTE http://superiortrails.michelobultra.com/
2. Send me your email to be added to the reminder list to vote everyday until Oct 31st. My email is erinsaver@ixr.0db.myftpupload.com

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