Those of you that have been following since the beginning of this blog will especially enjoy this post. You all know how much purpose I’ve found in sharing the journey I’ve been on since 2011, when I started thru-hiking. Although I don’t post about my daily personal life (pretty much working a ton when not hiking to save for the next hike!), I do enjoy sharing the trail in various ways during the off season with articles, presentations, and podcasts. I’m happy to share two new things with you all…

Sounds of the Trail Podcast!
I was recently a guest in a very special episode of the Sounds of the Trail Podcast titled, “This Is Why We Do It.” Sounds of the Trail is consistently ranked as one of the top podcasts in the category of Outdoor Podcasts on iTunes. This particular episode really is a MUST LISTEN for anyone seeking to be inspired and motivated to live this one life to its fullest!!! It is only 30mins long and be sure to listen to the full episode to really understand why this episode is so great. Warning, you may cry, so save it for the drive home from work rather than the drive to work if you don’t want to arrive all puffy-eyed. Thank you to host Gizmo for the opportunity to contribute to such a inspiring podcast and for showing the true heart of thru-hiking and living one’s dreams. The episode is linked above and embedded below, but if you’d like to download it from iTunes, here is the link to that.
Sounds of the Trail: This Is Why We Do It

**Special Presentation Announcement!**

Those of you that listened to the above podcast, and want to hear more about how thru-hiking has impacted me personally, this is the presentation for you. On March 14th, I will be doing a special presentation that is a culmination of all three of my hikes that comprise hiking’s Triple Crown. Before I advertise this more on other platforms, I want to be sure to first tell those who are devoted followers. Seating is limited, and is expected to reach full capacity, so I want to give blog followers a chance to register before the general public. REI Portland has started to host monthly presentations to larger crowds in a more social atmosphere at the Lucky Lab (Quimby). I’m honored that I’ve been selected to present for one of these special evenings, and I’m especially excited to give THIS presentation.

Many of you may have already attended my presentations on these trails individually, but this is going to be different. Yes, I may recall some of the same stories and experiences, but this will focus more on my overarching personal journey over the years of completing the Triple Crown. The transformation and life lessons learned as I went from a relatively newbie backpacker to a Triple Crowner. Here’s the link to register for the FREE presentation. Please only register if you truly plan to attend so you aren’t taking the spot from someone else. Note that the event begins at 6pm, so people have time to get food/drinks, but the presentation won’t begin until 6:30pm if you’re worried about making it in time from work. I look forward to seeing everyone there for this truly special presentation.

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