May 1st
Lake Morena(20.6)-A ridge just north of Long Canyon Creek(39.6)
Day’s Mileage: 19mi

Another fun day playing leap frog with all the hikers leaving kick off this morning. I hiked the first half of the day with Alex, Ethan, and Dutch (pictured below).

I separated from them after lunch and got some solo time in before hiking with Drop Dead and hitting more of the heard again. I chose a more secluded spot away from the herd and enjoyed camping with section hiker Bandi who is coincidentally moving to Portland soon. Small world:)

More importantly, I want to say that I am working on getting my routines down. I am taking way too long to do my morning and evening camp take down and set up. I know this will come with time, but I hope to get it together quick because I have to wake up earlier and end up staying up later than I would like.

Another update is my feet. They are probably my biggest question mark because I know they are sensitive and that they act up on the trail. Despite my efforts to clean, regularly change socks, and use foot powder, they still get what I call a heat rash. I just hope they adjust after a week or so and don’t worsen. On a good note, only two minor blisters that I have preemptively popped and taped and they are doing well. They say the first three weeks are the worst for your feet until they adjust.

Finally, I also keep forgetting to take better pictures with my iPhone for my posts from the trail. At least I got this one at lunch! You’re welcome:)

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