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About The CDT:

The Continental Divide Trail runs from Mexico to Canada along the Continental Divide. It is the youngest, most remote, and rugged of the Triple Crown Trails (PCT, CDT, AT). The terrain varies from trail, to roads, to cross-country hiking. I went into this hike quite intimidated by what lied ahead and learned over the next 4.5 months that I was stronger mentally and physically than I ever thought I could be. Almost all of these entries were posted as I hiked, using my iPhone nightly to journal in my tent, after hiking usually 20-30 miles from sun up to sun down. I know how helpful this journal can be to others preparing for a thru hike, so I made this page to hopefully ease the frustration of navigating through all my archives.


BASE PACK WEIGHT: 12lbs. 12.6oz.

Before The Hike
During The Hike
Day 1: The Adventure Begins!
Day 2: Team Mirage Goin’ Cross Country
Day 3: A Full Desert Day
Day 4: Pretty Straight Forward
Day 5: A Nero in Lordsburg
Day 6: A Hot, Dry Day
Day 7: A Welcomed Change of Scenery
Day 8: Road Walking to Silver City
Gossamer Gear Mariposa Pack on the CDT
Day 9: Entering The Gila
Day 10: The Gila Rollercoaster
Day 11: River Crossings & Hot Springs
Day 12: Gila Heaven (Part 1)
Day 12: Gila Heaven (Part 2)
Day 13: Stretching My Legs in the Gila
Day 14: Thank You Clouds!
Day 15: Back On The CDT…I Think…
Day 16: High Point: Literally and Figuratively
Day 17: Pie Town & The Toaster House
Day 18: More Pie Town Hospitality
Day 19: Ease and Frustration
Day 20: Ankle Landmine Test
Day 21 & 22: My First Zero In Grants
Day 23: Back On Trail With The Group
Day 24: Walking With Zombie Wired
Day 25: An End To The Monotony
Day 26: Mesa Mazes
Day 27: A Nero In Cuba
Day 28: Let The Mountain Fun Begin!
Day 29: In My Happy Place
Day 30: Beautiful Sights to Ghost Ranch
Day 31: A Zero At Ghost Ranch
Day 32: Greener Pastures
Day 33: A Mundane Day Becomes Memorable
Day 34: Acclimating
Day 35: Colorado Baby!
Day 36: I’m So Thankful!!!
Day 37: A Windy & Tiring Welcome To The San Juans
Day 38: Slow and Steady in the San Juans
Day 39: Survivor Day!
Days 40 & 41: A Nero & Zero in Pagosa Springs
Day 42: Rockin’ The Wacky Weminuche
Day 43: A Very Long & Draining Day
Day 44: One Step At A Time
Day 45: A Well Earned Reward!
Day 46: Steep, Painful, & Beautiful
Day 47: Turning A Corner
Day 48: Some Big Miles Into Lake City
Day 49: On The Mend
Day 50: In The Herd
Day 51: When Did We Reenter New Mexico!?
Day 52: Rocky, Rooty Forest
Day 53: Pretty Perfect Day!
Day 54: A Zero In Salida
Day 55: Back In The Herd
Day 56: Motivation, Miles, & Magic
Day 57: New Favorite-Collegiate Wilderness(Pt 1)
Day 57: New Favorite-Collegiate Wilderness(Pt 2)
Day 58: 1,000mi and Twin Lakes!
Day 59: Reaching New Heights
Day 60: Elbert Hangover/Hike Naked Day
Day 61: Hikin’ To A Burger & Milkshake
Day 62: A Nero In Breckenridge
Day 63: Time To Motor, Eh!
Day 64: WIND & Elevation
Day 65: Up On The Divide
Day 66: Rocky Trail & Wildflowers
Day 67: Out of Sync
Day 68: Finally In Grand Lake!
Day 69: Getting Off To A Great Start
Day 70: Taking In The Views
Day 71: The Transition Begins
Day 72: Road Walkin’ To Steamboat Springs
Day 73: A Productive Zero In Steamboat Springs
Day 74: Some Easy Walkin’
Day 75: Makin’ Miles
Day 76: Wyoming Baby!
Day 77: Gettin’ Low
Day 78: The Mental Challenge
Day 79: Hiker Reunion In Rawlins
Day 80: MAGIC In The Great Divide Basin!
Day 81: Walkin’ & Talkin’
Day 82: More Of The Same
Day 83: Atlantic City: Burger, Brownie, & Wifi!
Day 84: Transition Into The Winds
Day 85: The Winds: Living Up To The Hype
Day 86: A Splendid Day of Hiking
Day 87: Our “Sweetfish Moment”
Day 88: Are We There Yet!?
Day 89: The Non-Trail Trail
Day 90: Super Nero In Dubois
Day 91: A Zero & Gear Update In Dubois
Day 92: Officially in Grizzly Country
Day 93: A Lull In The Action
Day 94: The Outskirts of Yellowstone
Day 95: Geysers & Special Guests(Part 1)
Day 95: Geysers & Special Guests(Part 2)
Day 96: THREE States, ONE Day
Day 97:A Wonderful Welcome To Idaho & Montana
Day 98: Time Flies When We’re Havin’ Fun Trail
Day 99: Some Rain & Overgrown Trail
Day 100: 2000mi On Day 100!
Day 101: Girls Gone Windy
Day 102: Leveling Out A Bit
Day 103: People In The Hills
Day 104: A Half Day To Leadore
Day 105: A Day With Stopwatch & Optimist
Day 106: NOBO Guinea Pigs
Day 107: To Push Or Not To Push…
Day 108: Bloody Shattered
Day 109: Gotta “Do Me”
Day 110: Disappointing Day Of Burn
Day 111: Ups & Downs of Anaconda-Pintler Wilderness
Day 112: Roads & Rain
Day 113: Turning, Twisting Trail
Day 114: Man, It’s DRY!
Day 115: Zero in Butte!
Day 116: On The (HOT) Road Again
Day 117: Feeling The Shift
Day 118: Not Quite Home
Day 119: Half Day To Helena
Day 120: Let The Countdown Begin!
Day 121: They’re Baack…
Day 122: Whew!
Day 123: Hazy Scapegoat
Day 124: Benchmark Ranch Pitstop
Day 125: Bob Fire Reroute, Day One
Day 126: Bob Fire Reroute, Day Two
Day 127: Back On The (Brushy) CDT
Day 128: Stickin’ To The Trail
Day 129: Made It To E Glacier!
Day 130: Glacier Inspiration!
Day 131: Our Big Reward
Day 132: Brush, Waterfalls, Views, & Community
Day 133: Last Long Day


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