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About The HDT: March 23rd – May 23rd

More of a route than a blazed trail, the rugged and remote Hayduke Trail weaves for over 800mi, ranging in elevation from 1,800ft-11,419ft, as it goes through the Southwestern US desert, hitting the prominent national parks of Arches, Canyonlands, Capital Reef, Glen Canyon, Bryce Canyon, and the Grand Canyon. It was quite the experience for a midwestern gal who had never set foot in any of these places before and had only done long hikes on actual trails.


BASE PACK WEIGHT: 13lbs. 10.2oz.

Before The Hike

During The Hike

Day 1: Rolling Out The Dirt Carpet
Day 2: No Lack of Sand
Day 3: Off My Game
Day 4: Heavy Loads & Dirt Roads
Day 5: The Much Needed Pause Button
Day 6: Welcome to Canyonlands
Day 7: Peekaboo & Salt Creek With A Tummy Ache
Day 8: Rebounding In Salt Creek
Day 9: Gettin’ There In Ruin & Dark Canyon
Day 10: Seeing The Light In Dark Canyon
Day 11: Hite Done Right
Day 12: Three Days In One!?
Day 13: Hanksville Hustle
Day 14: A Hanksville Zero
Day 15: Into the Henry Mtns…
Day 16: Mt Ellen in the WIND!
Day 17: Reward Meets The Effort
Day 18: Memorable Muley Twist Day
Day 19: Stevens Cyn/Halls Creek Alt Greatness
Day 20: Stevens Canyon & Coyote Gulch
Day 21: Made It To Escalante
Day 22: Gettin’ Out Of Escalante
Day 23: We Knew There’d Be Days Like This
Day 24: Canyon Cruising
Day 25: Cold Canyon Cruising
Day 26: Cold Road To Cool Narrows
Day 27: Independence Day
Day 28: Smooth Sailin’
Day 29: A Nero To Tropic
Day 30: Bryce Canyon Day
Day 31: Trail on the Hayduke!?
Day 32: Early to Kanab
Days 33 & 34: Kanab Double Zero!
Day 35: Well, I’m Consistent
Day 36: The Long Short Day
Day 37: The Marathon Day
Day 38: Sand Sloggin’
Day 39: Surviving the Hayduke
Day 40: Leaving For The Grand Canyon
Day 41: The Arizona Trail
Day 42: All Over The Place
Day 43: Grand Canyon: Nankoweap Tr, Horsetheif Alt, Colorado River
Day 44: Grand Canyon: Colorado River Bushwhack & Beamer Trail
Day 45: Grand Canyon: Beamer Trail & Escalante Route
Day 46: Grand Canyon: Tonto Trail
Day 47: Grand Canyon: S Kaibab Tr to S Rim
Day 48: A GRAND Zero
Day 49: Grand Canyon: Bright Angel & Tonto West Trails
Day 50: Grand Canyon: Tonto West Trail
Day 51: Grand Canyon: Tonto West & S Bass Trails
Day 52: Grand Canyon: North Bass Trail
Day 53: Grand Canyon: Saddle Canyon & Tapeats Creek
Day 54: Grand Canyon: Tapeats Cr, Thunder R, Deer Cr, Colorado R
Day 55: Grand Canyon: Colorado River & Kanab Creek
Day 56: Farewell Grand Canyon
Day 57: In The Pocket
Day 58: Colorado City Walk
Day 59: Walkin’ On The Hayduke Beach
Day 60: Zion Baby!
Day 61: Hayduke Finish & Bonus Traverse
Day 62: Unplanned & Wonderful Ending…

After The Hike

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