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About The LCT: June 13th-15th

I did the complete Lost Coast Trail in the summer of 2015 as a reunion hike with some of my friends from CDT 2013. This is a much hyped remote hike along the Northern Coast of California with quite a lengthy shuttle. It is a unique experience to hike along the ocean, but it doesn’t rank as high as other coastal experiences to be had, particularly along the Northwest Coast. Most choose to do the popular 25mi northern section. We chose to do the full route, adding in the more rugged, vertically challenging, and overgrown southern half. It was a fun reunion with friends, but did not deliver the adventurous experience we’d hoped for. Note that we hiked this when we were all in thru-hiking condition, so mileages are quite high. Most hikers budget almost double the days for this trip to really take in the experience and relax along the beaches.

BASE PACK WEIGHT: 13lbs. 10.2oz.

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