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2016 Kings Canyon High Basin Route




Avg. Daily Miles

Zero Days

*This mileage includes 21mi for resupply down Bubbs Creek to Roads End. The route itself is 128mi.

About The KCHBR: Aug 5th-17th

The Kings Canyon High Basin Route is a 128mi, mostly cross country route in the Sierra. There is a lot of elevation gain/loss on this one and plenty of talus, boulders, and scree to contend with. Know that our pace is considered aggressive by most and take that into consideration if using this to plan your own KCHBR. We chose to break it up with a resupply at Roads End, where we had a car. It was more lengthy than exiting at Onion Valley, but worked logistically for our situation.

BASE PACK WEIGHT: 15lbs. 11.6oz.
(includes 2lb 9oz bear canister)

Before The Hike

Off To Tackle One More High Route

August 4th Well, it's been quite a summer. In the last 6wks Rockin', Why Not, and I completed the Sierra High Route, High Sierra Trail, and Wind River High Route. Rockin' has to go back to work (teacher) and Why Not is now home in Sacramento. I still have one more...

On The Horizon For 2016…

Let The Drumroll Begin! For 2016-2017 I’ll be hiking several high routes, the Wonderland Trail, and then heading down under. I’ll be in Australia and New Zealand this fall and I can’t wait!

During The Hike
After The Hike

Heading To The Wonderland

I've had a whirlwind of a transition time between trails. It's been five days and I'm now headed out to another trail. I drove to Moraga, CA right after the KCHBR to visit family for two days and three nights. I don't get there too often, so it was great to see...

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