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Zero Days

About The GDT: July 5th-Aug 21st

The Great Divide Trail is a 1200km/750mi trail that goes along the Continental Divide from Waterton Lake to Kakwa Lake hitting some pretty amazing places along the way including Banff and Jasper. It is a one of a kind trail unique from others in its remoteness, challenging terrain, weather, and rewarding scenery. It was all worth the challenges and is now my favorite trail. What a journey!

BASE PACK WEIGHT: 13lbs. 10.2oz.

Before The Hike

During The Hike

Day 1: Let The Games Begin!
Day 2: Logistical Zero Day
Day 3: A Stunning Start
Day 4: The Wonderfully Long Way Around
Day 5: Gettin’ What We Came For!
Day 6: Finding Our Groove
Day 7: Birthday Mile Bashing To Town
Day 8: Bonus Zero In Coleman
Day 9:The Tranquil Road
Day 10: Roads, Rain, & Room With A View
Day 11: The GDT Workout Plan
Day 12: Rain, Sleet, Hail, Snow…SUN!
Day 13: From Mist-ic To Magic
Day 14: Coral Pass…Enough Said
Day 15: Kananaskis Pit Stop
Day 16: Kan-I-Ask For Anything More!?
Day 17: Mellow Meadow Mosey
Day 18: Oh…Ma…Gog!
Day 19: Cruising To Banff
Day 20: Sightseeing Zero…Banff & Lake Louise
Bonus: Two Million Views!
Day 21: Dodging The Rain
Day 22: Soaking It In
Day 23: Passin’ The Rainy Day
Day 24: Downhill Cruisin’ to Field
Day 25: Into The Neglected Section…
Day 26: Finally Drying Out
Day 27: The GDT Obstacle Course
Day 28: Chillin’ At The Crossin’
Day 29: Embrace The Uphill
Day 30: Lost & Sometimes Found
Day 31: Walking With Others
Day 32: The AT on the GDT
Day 33: A Rainy Day To LOUNGE
Day 34: Gliding On The Skyline
Days 35: Jasper Or Bust
Day 36: Jasper Zero
Day 37: Back In The Swing Of Things
Day 38: Colonel Moose In The Alpine Meadow With The Pick-Up Stix
Day 39: GDT Survivor Day
Day 40: Robson Ramble & Resupply
Day 41: Robson Redux
Day 42: Just Not My Day
Day 43: A Taste Of Jackpine
Day 44: Battle Of Will(ow)s
Day 45: Clear Path, Full Hearts…Can’t Lose!
Day 46: We Didn’t Expect THIS
Day 47: Kakwa Lake Baby!
Day 48: The Roadwalk Out
Day 49: The Ride Out


After The Hike

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