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About The TRT: June 2nd-10th

The Tahoe Rim Trail is a beautifully varied trail that loops around Lake Tahoe, which lies along the border of California and Nevada. Although this trail does ago around Lake Tahoe, it is not a lakeshore hike. Much of the hike is in higher elevation up above the lake with grand views and quite varied experiences from dense forest to high alpine hiking. It even overlaps the Pacific Crest Trail for 50mi. This is a highly recommended thru-hike for those seeking anywhere from 1-3wks of hiking. Note that this hike was done between two longer thru hikes, so I was in peak thru-hiking condition. Most people would want to take around 2 weeks to comfortably enjoy this hike.

BASE PACK WEIGHT: 13lbs. 10.2oz.


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