May 3rd
Sunrise Trailhead(59)-In the Hills 2mi N Hwy 78(79.4)
Day’s Mileage: 20.4mi

Today was definitely a day to remember. It was the mildest night and the best sleep I’ve had so far. I got going early on my own knowing that the others would catch me by lunchtime. I LOVE hiking solo in the morning! I listened to my MP3 player fir the first time today. I was looking forward to listening to songs my friend Jennifer had given me for the trip that I hadn’t listened to yet. It was GREAT! Many of the songs had the theme of morning, sunrise, and new days. It was perfect timing and such a great surprise! I wish she was out here because she’d love a morning like today’s.

Picture: Alex, me, and Nick.

Today’s hike had a lot of steep ups and downs. It was the first time I felt like I was really in a desert. It was extremely hot (near 100 degrees) and we have hit the section where water is scarce. We all have a water report printed offline from AsABat that tells us the update on where to hopefully find water. No source is for sure so we have to carry enough to last us through the next water source if one is dry. Today there was 9mi between two possible sources and then 13mi to a possible cache (where trail angels leave jugs of water for hikers).

At the first water stop, I saw Nick who I met yesterday and is also from the Portland area. He already knew me through my journal and immediately inquired about the TV along the trail. Anyway, today I hiked a lot of the second 9mi with him and then Alex caught up with us and Alex and I went on a bit faster to get to the cache. We did 18mi before 2pm and when we got to the cache a trail angel named Trooper had left cold drinks in a cooler. It was so great! Thanks Trooper! Some hikers took a hitch into town for pie, but Alex and I got a shady spot and stayed at the cache. I finally got Hulu service and we listened to Obama’s speech about Osama’s capture while doing blister maintenance. Then Sunshine and Balls came up. They are father and daughter also near Portland. Sunshine turned 11 yesterday and is hoping to become the youngest girl to thru hike the PCT. I was able to charge her MP3 with my PowerMonkey solar charger, which I love!

Picture: Whiz, Kylie, Alex, Annie, me, and Nick.

I stayed at the cache for about 2 hrs while about 15 hikers came through. I got peopled out and needed some space, so I decided to tackle the big hill in front of us and take the first campsite I saw. About 2mi later, I found a perfect area for a handful of tents tucked into the hillside. Amazing! Even more amazing was that I had Hulu service and I was able to watch “Michael’s Goodbye” episode on the office. YAY! Everyone has decided my trail name is Hulu, but I’ve yet to fully accept it. Even a woman at the cache who I had never met before at the cache earlier said, “Oh, you’re Hulu.” and had somehow heard about it along the trail.

After the Office episode, I was joined in camp by Speed Bump, Crumbs, Dutch, Will, and Patch and dinner with them was really fun. I made a point of taking pics of more of my fellow hikers today and will have those in the slideshow coming up this weekend.

BTW, today is the first day I really stink and I’m looking forward to a shower in 2 days. Sorry for the long post this day was GREAT!

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