May 16th
Big Bear Lake(265.3)-Holcomb Creek @ Crab Flats Rd(291.2)
Today’s Mileage: 25.9mi

In the morning, Top Shelf and I slept in a bit. We couldn’t leave until after the post office opened because I needed to send my bounce box. After I did that, we were able to get a ride to the trail from the hostel we stayed at and we started hiking by 10am. We started hiking with Speed Bump Jr and the Shotgun Sisters. Within a few miles, Top Shelf and I had spaced out from them and we hardly saw anyone all day. The faster crew that was with us at the hostel was getting a later start, but we expected them to catch us by the end of the day. That didn’t happen, so it will probably happen tomorrow. We have gotten to the front of the herd and it is at the point where we think we only a couple of the hikers ahead of us. We haven’t met whoever is in front of us, but we know they are there because we see their names in the trail registers we all sign along the way.

The hostel we stayed in is on the other side of the lake. It was cool to see the view of where we were in Big Bear Lake from the trail today.

It was soo nice and peaceful on the hike today! Just what I needed after my mini breakdown yesterday! It is definitely my kind of trail here. For a couple of days we have a meandering gradual down trail that is either soft sand or pine needles. It makes for very natural hiking with little exertion. The weather is perfect for me with overcast skies and just cool enough for a light jacket. There is a chance of rain/snow tonight, but we are camped below the expected snow level so probably rain.

Today was just a great day! The trail was peaceful and quiet. Not even the sound of birds. Some would say the trail was a bit eerie. It had a thin amount of trees and it looked like a fire had come through. We went through sections with large boulders too. Most of the day, we had a great view of whatever mountains lie in the distance.

I’m feeling back to normal, so Top Shelf and I were hiking together most of the day instead of him being a bit ahead. It feels good to be back to my hiking self after a rough previous week.

In the late afternoon, we saw the hiking couple Cow Bear(previously Boat Drink) and Punisher who we have been leap frogging since coming off Fuller Ridge. They ended up camping with us in a tight spot by the river and it was really enjoyable to have them around.

The exciting news of the day is that I ate a ton today. The hunger is back baby! I was very excited about this and I hope it continues. The bad news of the day is that I feel a twinge of a shin splint that I am being very careful to take care of. I have even given in and am taking my first Ibuprofen for the trail. It isn’t affecting my hiking, but I’m paranoid because that is plaguing a lot of hikers right now. Hopefully it is temporary. Crossing our fingers for no rain tonight…

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