June 4th
N of Golden Oaks Spring(585.6)-Near Harris Grade Spring(611.5)
Today’s Mileage: 25.9mi

Today was the first day I was kinda bored…nothing terrible, the day just felt a lot longer. It is also the furthest I think we’ve gotten from civilization. Its more wooded and I haven’t gotten cell service in almost two days. I realized that so far on the trail, we’ve had a lot of options to go into town usually every 2-3 days. We have four days before we get to the road to Onyx and, even then, it will be a 17mi hitch. It’s cool to look out and see no sign of civilization.

The terrain and scenery changed as the day went on so I took some pics so you could see the range of what we hiked through.

I don’t have any fun anecdotes cause nothing really happened today. Top Shelf, Blister, and I all got ready and left camp before the others even woke up. The only other person who got up early and left ahead of us was Skinny D. I left last from my group and knew I’d catch up at lunch. I hiked the first 5hrs of the day on my own. It was nice. I even got a chance to finish listening to the audiobook of The Help and can’t wait to see the movie in August. I did find myself being more sentimental today. The overcast weather had me thinking of home in Portland and what everyone would be doing today. I wouldn’t say I’m homesick. I just thought of what everyone would be doing and people who I wish was hiking with me today.

I passed Skinny D and Blister and caught up with Top Shelf who is nice enough to take breaks so we can catch up. He said he was bored of walking alone, so he didn’t mind waiting. Other than Skinny D, we didn’t see anyone else. The three of us had lunch together and stayed near each other the rest of the day. We upped the mileage a bit so we will be able to get into our next town(Onyx) before the post office closes the day after tomorrow. We don’t have to stop in Onyx, but it’s fun and motivating for me and Top Shelf to drop in town and be motivated by a treat in town. Blister decided not to go into Onyx with us and he will go ahead that day and meet up with us a couple days later in Kennedy Meadows.

At the end of the day, we hiked through another burn section. I’ve found that I really like these sections for some reason. It’s usually really quiet and peaceful. There were a ton of wildflowers and I like the contrast o the bright small flowers with the big burned trees.

That’s pretty much it:)

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