June 26th

N of Bear Creek Crossing(873.5)-Vermilion Valley Ranch(878.5)
Today’s Mileage: 5mi(plus 1.5mi)=6.5mi
I got started at 6am so that I could make it to Vermilion Valley Ranch in time for the 9:30am ferry. I luckily buffered extra time because the trail was again patched with snow and navigation was time consuming. I was getting frustrated again that I was left to do this alone and was really worked up by the time I got to the ferry. When I walked up, the guys greeted me like everything was completely normal. I completely unloaded on them and let them know exactly what I’d been through the last 24hrs and anyone within a mile probably heard me. Balls was there and Sunshine was off using the bathroom, which was good because not all my words were PG.  After unloading, the guys knew I was upset and didn’t say anything and I just sat off to the side. They actually seemed surprised that I would be upset. How is that possible? What were they thinking?
The ferry came 30min later and No Knees and Hobbes joined us. Here are some side ferry stories. Balls and Sunshine missed yesterday’s afternoon ferry by 30min and camped on the beach. No Knees was there yesterday and fell asleep under a tree while waiting for the ferry and missed it. He had eaten all his food that morning in anticipation of getting to VVR, so he had to go almost a full day without food until today. Team No Babies and Egg Man decided to hike in on the 4mi side trail and said it was surprisingly not level and very tiring. Not recommended.

When we arrived, the place is very rustic. Absolutely no internet! Ah! I was able to make a call to my family to let them know I made it and had to find a way to get this journal up…With the name Wired, it helps. After much convincing, I got the owner to let me borrow his laptop to retype the last section’s journal entries and then post them. I am so thankful and lucky! They were happy to see Wired all wired upJ Top Shelf’s mom, stepdad, and brother drove down with a camper and provided trail magic with awesome chili dogs and snacks. It was great to meet Top Shelf’s family after hearing about them. Thanks so much for the trail magic!
As for my plans for the next section, I had an agreement to hike with the guys through to Tuolomne Meadows, which is 5 more days away…We have talked and the guys really just weren’t thinking. They serious thought I was okay with them going ahead and just meeting them at VVR and they assumed that I’d just work with the groups behind me to get there. They definitely apologized. A bunch of other hikers came in on the afternoon ferry. Team Legs, Free Range, Red Blaze and Half Fast, Goose, Sparrow, etc…I have a lot of options of hiking with others for the next section. It might be the best choice so that I’m not slowing the guys down anymore. Ever since we hit the snow, I just haven’t been able to keep pace and that’s not fair to them. We are doing fine and are on good terms despite their bout of testosterone filled ignorance. I have talked with Balls and Sunshine and we are going to do the next leg together and leave tomorrow afternoon to head to Tuolomne Meadows, so all is working out:) Yay!

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