Pack Trail Junction(1038.3)-Raymond Canyon(1059.1)
Today’s Mileage: 20.8mi

Today was much better than yesterday for me. Overnight, it was quite gusty and I woke up many times because of the noise, and once because one of my stakes got pulled out from a strong gust. The wind continued throughout the day and clouds moved in and out. It made us worry, but also made for some great photos!

The trail was much better today and we were only on snow for maybe 35% of the day and it was patchy.

There was a lot less uphill and my body wasn’t as drained, so that was a relief. Since I had my tantrum yesterday, it was Balls’ turn today. We joked that it will probably be another one of us each day. It’s good to know I’m not the only one needing a break. We are all pretty worn out after the past month in the Sierras and we’re just hangin’ on a couple more days til we can recover at Echo Lake/South Lake Tahoe. At lunch, I was happy to get some cell service a couple miles before Ebbetts Pass. It gave me some newfound energy to be able to make some phone calls.

Once we got to the pass, there was a cooler for trail magic and it was unfortunately empty. We did get to see a register of who’s ahead of us and that was nice. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen a register and I got to use my Wired stamp for the first time! Yay! Also, a few days ahead is my old crew of Top Shelf, Blister, and Pine. They had all written, “No Flips, No Skips” and we loved that! We don’t know if it’s their team name or just a saying, but we’re gonna pass it along. So few of us front hikers this year will be able to say we didn’t skip a section or flip up north to avoid the snow. We are pretty darn proud to say we stayed the course and I think No Flips, No Skips would make an awesome t-shirt!

The trail had great views and it’s so wonderful to see some normal, dry trail again. I got quite excited when we dropped into this valley this morning.

I also like that I’m hiking with Free Range Amelia who I’ve been leapfrogging with since early on. I haven’t gotten to hike regularly with another woman on this trip besides a few days with Wandering Dot and recently with Sunshine. Here is a picture of us today.

I just want to give Free Range some props because there are so few solo women hikers her age out here this year. She won’t publicize her age, but let’s just say she could be my mom. I told her she should be shouting it from the mountains out here because it’s awesome! And what’s even more awesome is that she’s at the front of the herd and didn’t flip or skip! I’m really proud of her and inspired and I told her many others would be too, so I had to give her special mention. It’s great to hike with her for this section!

Tonight, it is really gusty again and I’m just hoping I can sleep through it. I feel like it’s much stronger than last night and I’m concerned with how the tent will hold up. I feel like even real houses would be rocking in this! It’s also pretty cold and I can see my breath in my tent. Loving my warm sleeping bag! So far, so good…

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