**This post was a little delayed due to some technical difficulties…I finally got everything up from this section. It was a very challenging section with some unbelievable pics and video! The first video pretty much sums up this section. I was able to make it post-hike from footage of mine and Thumper’s.

Kerrick Creek where I fell off the log!

***Some of these videos of the crossings were filmed by Thumper and I’ve attached them from his youtube account. 

Return Creek was our first big cold challenge. The first group is me, Snowblind, and Bottle Rocket. Then Sunshine and Balls. At the end it’s Little Jimmy.

 I had to swim halfway across this one…Here’s Balls and Bottle Rocket going across.

I was too short and had to swim this one while Balls carried my pack. Here’s Balls going across with his pack.

The Sonora Pass glissade was the best glissade of the trip for me!

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