Sept 1st & 2nd

I was very happy to be home for two days. I needed a double zero more than I realized! It still overwhelms me how much there is to do in the short amount of time I’m home. I just don’t know where the day goes and there were still things I wasn’t able to do! I’m trying not to panic too much because the important stuff was done and I only have about three more weeks left of hiking before I return home. Whoa! Again, due to a lack of time, I’ll try to go through my double zero with a few pictures below.

My step mom and I organized my final resupply boxes to get me thorough Washington. I also got to see the remainder of my care packages that had yet to be sent. I was greatly surprised to see that my sister-in-law and brother had sent a personally made hat and t-shirt. Check em’ out! So great! Thanks Dana and John. I will now be wearing this hat the rest of the way for good luck! No Flips, No Skips!

My new hat and my final resupply box going to Stehekin, WA.

I got to visit my little buddy, Kate and her brother Ben who I babysit and Skype whenever I’m in town. So cute!
Dinner with my friends Christopher, Shelli, Bridget, and Lauren.
My dad holds a magnifying glass while Robin sews my pants that have made it the whole way!
Awesome M&M’s from my friend Shelli.
Look at that face! Now that’s motivation to get home!

Speaking of motivation,
my friend Greg started the slogan, “Go Erin Go!” and it has caught on with my friends and family. It has been so great to get these pictures and I decided to make an album of the ones so far because they’ve been really motivating. You all rock and I’m psyched to finish strong the next few weeks!

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