Sept 20th
Stehekin(2574.2)-N Fork Camp(2581.9)
Today’s Mileage: 7.7mi

I stayed up way too late (1am again!) getting things done and journaling. Then I woke up much earlier than I would have liked this morning because Colin woke up around 6:30am and I’m a light sleeper. I am shocked at how well my body has been functioning off so little sleep, but I think it’s the adrenaline of being so close to the border and I’ll probably crash as soon as I get home. The excitement has really been building for me ever since the beginning of the last leg. It palpable here. Many tourists are here and know this is our last stop. To talk about it out loud was surprisingly emotional and I had to keep it together. I bought my celebratory chocolate milk and almost cried right at the counter. It’s really hitting me. Jeez!

We got our resupplies, did laundry, and figured out our plan for the rest of the hike and the days following. The weather looks ideal except for a slight chance of rain tomorrow night so we decided to slow down and do this leg in four nights. Yankee, Bookworm, and I were able to catch the afternoon bus out of Stehekin. Along the way, the bus stopped at the bakery we’ve been hearing about all trail. Yankee got me a brownie(my favorite!) and I also got ice cream.

We knocked off some uphill mileage with the time we had left. The woods lately have had some amazingly large trees.

We hiked into a canyon area and had some slight views of what we’re headed up. Tomorrow is all uphill.

All three of us were happy to camp before dark and have a relaxing hike in for a change. It was such a great way to start this final leg and we are all feeling great. We are happy that we are taking it easy and it feels great to already have the whole leg planned and know where we’ll aim to camp each night. I am excited to possibly sleep a bit more. Bookworm is happy to read more and tonight he read some of a John Muir book on his Kindle. I could see it was great inspiration for him. Especially because he still has a section of the Sierra to do right after this that he skipped earlier in the hike.

We got to eat dinner just before darkness for a change and that was great. I’ve mentioned how Yankee carries my favorite meal of pasta with Prego sauce. He likes taking care of me and has been making extra for me at night. He even got me a chocolate milk for the border that I got to drink tonight because I had already bought one. So perfect! Tomorrow will be our longest day at about 27mi of gradual uphill. Bring it on!

Oh yeah, one totally non-related note. The Emmys were on tv this week and I have taped them (along with the MTV Music Awards!) and can’t wait to watch them when I get home. My friends have told me that the show I’ve watched a lot on the trail, Friday Night Lights, won for best writing in a drama and best actor for Kyle Chandler. Whoo-hoo!

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