I had fun figuring out some random stats from the hike and I thought I’d share them. Did I leave anything fun out? Let me know and maybe I’ll add it to the list…

Mexico to Canada
Miles: 2654.2mi(according to Halfmile’s maps)

Days to hike the trail: 148 days
Zero days(no hiking on PCT): 22 days
Number of those zeros spent hiking: 3 days(Mt. Whitney, Half Dome, JMT)
Average daily mileage(including zeros): 17.9mi/day
Average daily mileage(excluding zeros): 21.1mi/day
Miles hiked off the PCT (including side trails/hikes): 97.1mi

Miles: 1,699mi
Days: 107 days
Zero Days: 18 days
Average daily mileage(including zeros): 15.9mi/day
Average daily mileage(excluding zeros): 19.1mi/day
Days with significant precipitation: 4 days

Miles: 456mi
Days: 21 days
Zero Days: 3
Ave daily mileage(including zeros): 21.7mi/day
Ave daily mileage(excluding zeros): 25.3mi/day
Days with significant precipitation: 2 days

Mile 1,000

Miles: 499.2mi
Days: 20 days
Zero Days: 0
Average daily mileage: 25mi/day
Days with significant precipitation: 4 days

Trail Town Stats
Places visited along the way: 36 
Nights spent in a hotel or hostel: 15
Nights hosted by a trail angel/family: 21
On trail zeros: 2(Kick-off and waiting out a Sierra storm in my tent)
Double zeros: 3
Resupply boxes sent to myself: 23
Times I sent my laptop to myself: 8
Hitches(not from trail angels): 26
Hot Springs: 4
Movies I saw in a theater: 2

Random Trail Stuff
Nights I slept in my tent: 113
Most days away from the trail: 4 days(Exploring Yosemite National Park)
Most miles hiked in one day: 35.5mi
Days I hiked over 30mi: 11 days
Days I hiked 25-30mi: 36 days
Days I hiked 20-25mi: 32 days
Days I hiked 15-20mi: 25 days
Days I hiked 10-15mi: 14 days
Days I hiked less than 10mi: 8 days
Days sick on the trail: 1 day
Most days between showering: 10 days
Most days between laundering clothes: 26 days
Longest gap between resupplies: 7 days
Most miles/days between zeros: 529mi/24 days
Est. days hiked in significant snow: 31 days
Days hiked solo: 19 days
Nights camped solo: 7 nights
Most consecutive days spent with another hiker: 53 days(Top Shelf)
Est. amount spent on the trail: $4,934(including health insurance, car insurance back home, shipping resupplies, and phone bill)

Gear Stats
Base Pack Weight: 16lbs 2.5oz
Weight of Pack going into the Sierra: 41lbs
Spent on gear before the hike: ~$3,000
Days before I got rid of my water filter: 44 days
Holes in my NeoAir: 1
Platypus Bladders broken: 2
Pole tips replaced-2
Pairs of Shoes: 4
Pairs of Socks: 8
Gear lost and then found: 6 things
Gear I lost on the trail: 4 headphones, 1 toothbrush, 2 sunglasses, 1 chapstick, and 1 handkerchief

                                               Cameras broken due to water: 2

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