story short, I started this blog using Disqus as a comment moderator.
It worked wonderfully on my first hike and has since changed a bit. I am
not yet able to change it without losing all my wonderful comments, so
it will remain for now. I love having comments on the blog and my family really likes to read them too, so if you are a commenter, please review the following brief tutorial…

Posting Comments For Wired On This Blog: A Brief Tutorial
TO ENSURE THAT YOU GET REPLIES TO COMMENTS YOU’VE MADE…there is a ONE TIME process of four easy steps to properly sign up for Disqus. Once you’ve done this process, it will be really simple to communicate with me on my comments. Even if you have already signed up for Disqus, please double-check that your settings are like the ones described below so you will get my replies to you. 

Step 1: Sign up with Disqus by clicking here. If you already have a Disqus account, sign-in here.

Step 2: Once you are logged in, go to the UPPER RIGHT hand corner and select “Edit Profile” from the drop down box.

Step 3: In your Profile, select Notifications and make sure the box that says “Send me notifications” is checked.

Step 4: While still in Notifications, scroll down and be sure to select, “Subscribe to threads that I comment on.” and click SAVE CHANGES!

You should now be able to comment easily without logging in if you are using the same computer and haven’t logged out. When you get a reply from me it will come in an email notification straight to the email you signed up with. You can even choose to reply directly from that email as if it were any other email and it will automatically post to the blog feed. No need to go back to the blog post to reply! Feel free to give it a try on any of my posts and just type “test” or write a brief sentence saying you are testing your comments for replies and I will reply ASAP so you know it’s working.

Thanks for taking the time to do this. I love having these comments to view directly with the posts. My family also thanks you as they too love seeing the words of encouragement I’m getting from all over the world. 

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