July 14th
1mi after Weasel Spring(1558.6)-Rocks Rd/Atlantic City

Okay, so the plan for today was for the three of us to get our resupply boxes in two different locations 5mi apart on trail and avoid the vortex of staying in town…we failed and I’m so happy! We got going early at 6am and it was 24mi of speedy road walking. Today was the first day we had sun on us and luckily, it was bearable as it was cooler and a light breeze. So glad we dodged a miserable Great Divide Basin experience! Here is my view the last three days of Bloodbath and Rampage usually just ahead of me. They are a very sweet couple and took advantage of the road walking to walk side by side and hold hands from time to time. Very cute:)

We overlapped with the actual Oregon Trail today too!

Bloodbath hiked ahead to make sure he could get into our first stop of Atlantic City early enough to get a burger and brownie and then get back out in time to get his and Rampage’s resupply box another 5mi up trail in South Pass City. Rampage and I got the 24mi in by 2:15pm and were very proud of ourselves to making such good time. We all got to eat together. We have been obsessed with getting to this meal at the Atlantic City Mercantile most of this leg and it was wonderful!

The plan was for me to grab my resupply box which was sent to the restaurant next door called the Miner’s Grubstake…this is where our plans went astray…apparently, the Grubstake decided not to open today and they would also not be open tomorrow. There has been some kind of rivalry between them and the Mercantile because this 1mi town doesn’t seem to have room for two restaurants…this was very frustrating as I needed my box with 7 days of food. Someone was able to call them and a long story short, they were not very concerned with getting me my box. They would not give us a time so Bloodbath hiked on to South Pass City while Rampage and I stayed and waited for the box hoping to also find a shower. An amazing local that runs a small shop and community center in town let us take showers at her house and that was so kind! Yvonne then offered to drive the 5mi to South Pass City to get Bloodbath and bring him back so he could shower and then all three of us could sleep in the community center, which is the back of her shop and has multiple computers and speedy wifi! My box was finally given to me at 6pm and by then we were all set to stay in the community center. It actually turned out great because we have a big leg ahead of us and it was nice to get a half day off before we start tomorrow.

I was in Wired heaven with computers and speedy wifi! I got my resupply and want to thank Frank for the Mountain Houses and Odwalla Bars he sent. Great picks! Also I want to thank my aunt Edie and uncle George for my Reeses and a Mountain House dinner. THANK YOU!!!

Tomorrow, we hope to get a good start on the next leg. The Wind River Range is said to be one of the most amazing parts of the whole trail, so we are really looking forward to it. It looks like another day of road walking before we get to the good stuff though.

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