This coming weekend I’ll kick off my training for the Appalachian Trail. Over the next 7 weeks, I will start journaling about my AT prep and I’ll be starting on April 17th. In the meantime, I wanted to update everyone on what I’ve been up to…

Live Interview With Rockin’s Classes  

Click here to see my interview with Rockin’s class.

Those of you who have followed this blog know my good friend and fellow hiker Rockin’, who keeps the awesome blog Lady On A Rock. Rockin’ is a teacher in Central California and last year she developed a curriculum that educates youth about the trail called tHInK outsidE. Rockin’ is currently guiding two of her classes through this 8 week(on class a week) curriculum in which they learn about everything from choosing backpacking gear, to leave no trace ethics, and even get to hike on the PCT. As part of the curriculum, Rockin’ and I set up times for the classes to interview me over FaceTime. It was great fun and I just love that Rockin’ is doing this with her students. She even videotaped one of the interviews for public viewing on the tHInK outsidE blog, so check it out!

Moose Commercial
Another random fun event from the last couple of weeks is that an ad agency came across one of my Glacier Park videos of a moose at camp. They asked to use the clip in a commercial that will appear online in various places so you may see it somewhere. The fun part was that Bloodbath, Rampage, and I each got paid more than I make in a day of work for the short clip. That’s gonna get me plenty of burgers and milkshakes in town this summer! Fun times.
Here is the commercial. I honestly don’t get the theme of the commercials, but that is why I’m not in advertising! You can click on the others in the set (that don’t have my video) displayed after this video plays to get the idea of the theme. Notice the “wired” green!

Here is the original full length video is you’re interested…

I had my final local CDT presentation this week at the Mazamas Mountaineering Center. I didn’t expect much of a crowd having already done 7 local CDT presentations, but 100 people showed and it was a great way to say goodbye to the CDT! I have a special presentation on my 2011 PCT hike set for next week that is open to the public. Just a heads up that it will be limited to about an hour and geared toward those with little background in thru hiking and knowledge of the PCT. Here is the poster.

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