June 12th
Duncannon(1141.6)-Campsite at Clarks Ferry Shelter(1146.5) Pennsylvania

Elevation chart courtesy of Guthook’s AT Hiker app. He has apps for many trails including the PCT and CDT.

Note: Today’s elevation chart is deceptive given the low mileage so of you look, it wasn’t that much Of a climb.

It was sooo nice to wake up leisurely in a home today! I think we all needed a break from this rainy, humid weather. I was happy to hear that it wasn’t just me that needed the break. Even though it’s warm outside, the damp weather is still difficult. There isn’t a chance to dry anything out and that wears on you after multiple days. I knew I needed to rest so when my body woke up each hour starting at 5am, I forced myself to go back to sleep. We all slept in the same living room space downstairs at Malto’s and I was happy that the Kallins also chose to sleep in. This is out of character for all of us. Eventually, they all trickled upstairs and I got motivated to do some blogging at 8am. Yes, that’s right, I laid there til 8am! I was too tired to finish yesterday’s post last night, so I did it this morning which rarely happens. That proved more difficult than I anticipated as Cartwheel and Robin Hood lounged around me a bit waiting for me to finish and distracting me with their adorableness! I don’t know how All In manages to blog daily! Beth Ann had breakfast set up for us with endless amounts of pancakes, eggs, and sausage. We all were in no hurry to leave and go back into the continued forecast of rain the next few days. All In and Robin Hood used Malto’s cutter to shave their heads and All In shaved his beard completely off for the first time in like 5yrs or something!

Beth Ann let Cartwheel and Robin Hood take a massive bubble bath in the jacuzzi and it was quite the sight!

Somehow the time just flew by and I didn’t do my regular town catch up on emails, so I’m sorry for those of you waiting on a response. I will stop again in four days and will catch up then. Malto works for Hershey near the house and had meetings, but was able to come back between them twice to hang out. Nice gig! Malto is a fast packer that was fifth to finish the PCT the record snow year I did it hiking it in just 100 days in 2011. He loves talking gear and trail and had anything and everything for repairs. It was great! Thanks so much to Malto and Beth Ann for taking all of us (and our mildewed gear) in for 24hrs. It was a much needed break! If any of you saw my CDT picture with other PCT 2011 hikers, you’ll remember my comment that many giants seem to have hiked that year…

Here is a photo of All In and Robin Hood with their haircuts along with Momma Bear who finally ditched her pack (which she wore on the AT in 2002!) for a new Gossamer Gear Gorilla which is even smaller than mine. She also has not enjoyed the shoes she got a couple weeks ago, so she took my old ones since I got a new pair in this resupply and is excited to have non bloodied toes…yes she tolerates discomfort quite well! Now if I could somehow tan, we’d be like twins!

We got going around 1pm and did a quick store stop and just had to get a picture on the Hershey billboard. We had to do a Wired pose for our final picture together!

By the time I dropped the Kallins at Boiling Springs, returned the rental, and grabbed a resupply box I had in Duncannon (with new shoes for Rocksylvania!), it was 4:30pm! It was tempting to stay the night at the Doyle Hotel in Duncannon which is so old and bad that people say you have to stay there.

Lots of other hikes I’ve seen lately were there and just a few were also hiking out into expected rain. In the end, I got just 5mi in and was glad I did. I even saw a bear on the walk out of town!

I made it up the climb out of town and slowly through some wet rocks, which scare the crap out of me! I had a hard fall many years ago when my ankle went out on me stepping off a bus. That took a year of my life with ankle surgery to repair a severed ligament and rehab. I have definite PTSD every time I go on unsure footing and it will be slow going on these rocks. Once you’ve experienced an ankle snapping I don’t think you ever step down something confidently again.

I got to the camping and shelter area and by the time I filled up on water from the spring, it was 6:30pm and the rain was falling steadily. Once again, I LOVE having the umbrella! Totally dry and I was able to use it hands free attached to my pack while I setup my tent in the rain. I chose to accept my 5mi day and setup rather than push on not knowing where the next camping may lie. I’m happily camped on my own with about 5 other hikers in the shelter or camped near it.

I just hope there is some break from the misty fog and rain to dry out tomorrow. My fingers are still pruned from getting wet while hiking and setting up the tent tonight. Good news is that temps are a bit cooler tonight in the 70s with a breeze. Great sleeping weather! And to top it all off, I have service to watch some Parks & Rec tonight!

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