In my last town stop, I mentioned that I knew a zero may be in my future. I’m a hermit at heart and there has been A LOT of socializing lately that has worn me down. Everyone is awesome and it’s been fun, but people wear me out more than hiking. My period was the final blow that did me in and I needed not only a zero day, but a hermit day! I took my hermit day pretty seriously, so I didn’t even take a picture today and this entry will be fairly short.

I still woke up early, but waited til 8am to go down for breakfast in the hotel. Then Two Weeks, 3 Days (who is also staying in the hotel) took me to do my resupply and run errands. While out, I got Subway to take back to the hotel so I wouldn’t have to leave for lunch. I did a couple hours on the computer clearing out my inbox so I could really relax and returned to my room for my Orange Is The New Black marathon on Netflix (thanks to my friend Crumbs for the Netflix!). There were some phone calls, some planning, and a Skype with the nephews, but I did my best to hermit it up. I even stayed in the room for dinner and ordered a takeout dinner from Perkins across the street that Two Weeks brought me. I got to watch five OITNB episodes so far. As many of you know, it’s quite an addictive series and season 2 is even better than the first, so it’s going to take some serious self control to get to sleep at a decent hour tonight. 
It did rain overnight last night and earlier today, so I was glad that I decided to push through this section to avoid the wet rocks. My body is definitely healing and my energy is still low given what I’m going through. I got Neosporin and to top it all off, I have a little bit of poison ivy in random places. Just small dots of it, but I now have Calamine lotion as well. I’ll be on the upswing tomorrow and I’m really looking forward to everything north of here. I hear it’s only going to get more scenic as I head north so that’s exciting. The weather looks to be about perfect for this leg too! Temps in upper 70s to low 80s and 50s at night. Just perfect! 
I want to thank Adam for contributing to my hike and requesting that it go towards a pampered hotel stay…well, I definitely did that so THANK YOU for helping to make it happen Adam! Ok, I’m off for one more application of Neosporin and Calamine lotion and then to indulge in some chocolate pudding and another OITNB episode! Back to hikin’ tomorrow:)

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