July 1st
Wash Mtn Rd/Cookie Lady House(1555.7)-S of Mt Greylock (1579.7) Massachusetts

Elevation chart courtesy of Guthook’s AT Hiker app. He has apps for many trails including the PCT and CDT.

I got to watch the sunrise from my tent this morning! I was in someone’s yard near a road with traffic, but it was a sunrise!

I am very happy that I chose to do the extra miles to camp at the Cookie Lady/Man’s house. There was condensation from camping in the open field, but it wasn’t as bad as I anticipated. The other guys camped there got going early as they all had towns they were headed to. I was hoping the sun would dry the tent so I lounged and started hiking at 7am, but still had a wet tent to dry out later…which wasn’t a problem because it was HOT! It was somewhat humid and muggy from the start and more of the muddy, rooty trail so I just put the deet on first thing to avoid getting more bites. Fourth time this trail with the deet.

I don’t usually read the details in the AT guide about towns I’m not headed to, so I was surprised to find that the trail walked right through the town of Dalton, MA this morning. It was just before 11am and the heat was strong off the pavement in the mid to upper 80s with a strong sun beating down.

I passed an ice cream place! It wasn’t open for a couple more hours and I was really disappointed. The town’s Main St was just parallel to the residential street that the trail followed, so I cut over and went to a sub place. It was AIR CONDITIONED! I was pumped and totally took an early lunch.

I wasn’t in a hurry today as I am meeting a friend in town tomorrow morning (fun surprise guest for readers!) and I did extra miles yesterday, so today would need to be about 24mi for the timing to work out. It was nice to walk relaxed and take it easy in the heat. I listened to more of the audiobook of Night Circus and it’s picking up momentum. I thought it would be a good fantasy book to distract me and it has its moments so I’m hoping it continues to improve. Most of the day had trail like this which is better than the rocks, but tedious as I have to focus on each step.

Again, I saw no thru hikers today and very few day hikers. It didn’t feel very remote with the towns though. In the afternoon I walked through the small town of Cheshire. It was all residential and very HOT with little shade. I was mentally preparing for a two hour climb that was about to start when I saw the most amazing thing I’d seen all day!…

ICE CREAM!!! The woman who worked there was really nice and that break was just the motivation I needed. It was so hot out that instead of my regular chocolate milkshake, I got a black raspberry and it hit the spot.

I was reenergized and headed up Greylock Mtn just as the US World Cup game started. I got to listen to the whole thing through a radio app on my phone. It was a great distraction and the time just flew by.

It was too bad the US lost, but that wasn’t a surprise. They hung in there to make it interesting at least. I found a great campsite near the top and am camped on pine needles, which is wonderful.

It is quite gusty and there is a chance of rain and thunderstorms tonight through the next couple days on and off. I feel like I hear rumblings from the clouds so I wouldn’t be surprised if something happens tonight. The wind was helpful in drying out my sweat drenched clothing, so that’s good. Tomorrow morning is my special guest, oh boy!

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