At the end of a section every few weeks, I like to load all the pictures and videos I’ve taken as a summary of that section. I did a big gap between bounce boxes again this time, so here is the slideshow of the past 792.5mi from Harpers Ferry to Franconia Notch. Many of these photos were in my blog. I just like to do this more for myself and my organization after the hike so I don’t have thousands of pictures to go through and caption. Again, the slideshows and videos may not show up on smartphones or iPad.

Slideshow of Harpers Ferry-Franconia Notch(1019.5-1812)


I did get another good clip of a bear during this leg. It just walked right by while I was having lunch with another hiker and didn’t even notice us. I posted it when it happened in New York, but here it is again in case anyone missed it.

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