*I’m testing out a new blogging app(BlogTouchPro), so bear with me if things are a little off the next week or so…
I am writing this as Katherine and I make the 15hr drive from Portland to Moab, wahoo!!! We actually just crossed into Utah and I got a twinge of excitement. We are tag teaming the drive, switching off every few hours so the other one can get things done…well, mainly so I can get things done, ha! Luckily, I have my laptop in tow to type a more detailed post. The last two months have been rough for me as many of you may have noticed with my less than regular pre hike blog posts. I think I maxed out long ago with all the different balls I was juggling in all aspects of life and my brain has kinda turned to mush. It’s a self feeding cycle that started in February with over committingstressinglosing sleeplosing appetitenot functioning optimally. I know it sounds counter intuitive, but I can’t wait to get on trail, so I can rest, ha!
A byproduct of this self-created stress has been little desire to blog. I hope everyone understands, as I’ve had a strong need on my part for a pause button. I feel like I just got back from the Appalachian Trail and this is my third year in a row planning 4-5months of hiking. I just need some time to catch up and I hope to be back to my sharing self very soon. It still hasn’t hit me that tomorrow we will be starting the Hayduke Trail. I don’t know if it’s because I’m so tired, but I really don’t feel like it’s happening. Maybe it’s because I’ve never been to where the Hayduke goes. It all seems so foreign to me that I think I’m not able to envision myself in a place like Arches. I’ve gotten the same reaction from everyone who has been in the areas around the Hayduke and it’s a powerful one of excitement and wonder unlike any of the other places I’ve been. I’m sure it’s going to be a shock to my system and I wonder if I’ll even be able to come close to capturing even a bit of what it’s like to be there in person. 
As a brief overview of the last week or so, I did my resupply boxes last weekend. This is a very draining task, and many would rather buy as they go along the trail, but I personally find it to be worth it in the end. I pretty much bought all I needed for the trip and boxed it all up to be shipped from Moab tomorrow before we start the trail. 
It seemed that no matter what I did this week, everything was taking hours longer than they should. I think it’s just a combination of my lack of sleep, inability to focus, and obsessive need to do everything in way too much detail. Last night, I managed to stay up til 1:30am doing last minute things. We were up at 5:30am to start the drive and with the time zone change, will not arrive in Moab until after 10pm. So far, I have not earned a nap, but I’ve been able to get lots done in the car. This post is my final task before a quick nap and then I’ll drive the final hours into the evening. 
It’s been fun to get to know Katherine a bit and test out the team work before getting on trail. I think that it will be a fun dynamic as we both bring a different perspective and experience to this hike. If you haven’t checked Katherine’s Hayduke journal  check it out! You’ll see her love for life and art…and life as art through her writing. I can’t wait to get home and see this hike through her eyes all over again!
A fun story for all you long time followers…most of you know that I have a tendency to lose things when I get stressed…so I lose things somewhat frequently. It irks me to no end, but I do understand the hilarity and humanity in it too. Last night as I was packing, I found out what the first thing I’d lose this trip would be…I couldn’t find one of my pairs of hiking underwear! It must be stuck in a sleeve of some sweatshirt somewhere. I was fortunate that my roommate was willing to run to REI to get me another pair of ExOfficios. She even set a great alarm on her phone so she wouldn’t forget that I just had to share. Thank you Shelli! Yes, that was a frustration yesterday, but it was oddly enough, also the good omen I needed! 
In closing, I just want to give fair warning that it make take me a bit to hit my groove with the journaling. I am tired, but I know that much of this will wash away almost instantly once I’m out there. It’s gonna be quite the journey!

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