Here is a slideshow from the final section chunk of the Hayduke Trail. It includes some bonus alternate miles, so the total mileage is longer than most Hayduke hikes. Click here for the direct link if you don’t see it below. It often doesn’t show on smart devices.

For a more descriptive idea of this section, here is the detailed breakdown of how it all connected…
We started in Buckskin Gulch from Hwy 89 and followed it to Wired Pass. A bonus 3 days were added here to do a Buckskin/Paria loop that did the whole Buckskin Narrows to the confluence of the Paria. Then taking the Paria for awhile until exiting to go atop the Vermilion Cliffs. From there, hiking across the top of the Cliffs to then climb down and hike a bit of Hwy 89a to then climb up the Kaibab Plateau. Across the plateau to connect to the Great Western Trail and then the Arizona Trail. Then some road walking to lead to Saddle Mtn and drop into the Grand Canyon via the Nankoweap Trail. Diving down into the Grand Canyon to Nankoweap Creek then up the Horsetheif Route to go back down to the Colorado River via the Kwagunt Creek. From there, some wonderful bushwhacking along the Colorado to then hitch across to the south side to the Little Colorado River. From there, it’s up on the Beamer Trail, to the Escalante Trail, and then the Tonto East Trail. Then up to the South Rim via the S Kaibab Trail. Hiking across the village and going back down via the Bright Angel Trail to connect to the Tonto West Trail. Across the west side until hitting the S Bass Trail to go down to the Colorado River again to hitch across and take the N Bass Trail up Shinumo and White Creek to Muav Saddle. Back down via Saddle Canyon and the Tapeats River to then go back up at Thunder Spring. Across Surprise Valley and back down Deer Creek to the Colorado River once again. More boulder hopping along the river to turn and go up Kanab Creek and exit out at Hack Canyon to the Arizona Strip to then hike through Colorado City and hike into Zion by dropping into the E Fork Virgin River. Climb out of that canyon at Fat Man’s Misery to cross country into Zion on the southeast side to Stave Spring and then end the official Hayduke at Weeping Rock. A bonus traverse was added that included hiking through the Grotto to Angel’s Landing. Then hiking the West Rim Trail to the Wildcat Trail where we cut out a day early at West Rim Trailhead by Lava Point campground. Whew, what a trip!

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