Hi all! If you viewed the blog this past week on Thursday the 23rd, you may have been the blog’s 2 MILLIONTH VIEW!  This number doesn’t include all of you that subscribe via email or another feed because you usually don’t view that actual website, so the number is actually much higher. I like to recognize these fun benchmarks, so here are some stats…

Here is a shot of the pageviews over time. I like to see how it spikes during a hike and how it shows the height during the AT last summer. The “humps” from left to right are the PCT, CDT, AT, and then this summer with the Hayduke. Again, these are physical hits on the blog and don’t include those that read directly from the email subscription. 

It’s funny that the most viewed entries are the ones that are the biggest pain to write. I know how helpful those gear lists and reviews are and I’m glad people find them helpful!

Just want to send a big ol’ thanks to all of you that have be on this journey with me and it’s been amazing to share it with all of you! If you missed the podcast I did a couple months ago talking about blogging, listen here as I explain why I blog and what it’s meant to me over the years. At this moment, it has 90,000 downloads alone, whoa! (Starts at 27:45 mark)

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