Slideshow: GDT Part 1: Waterton-Banff (Mile 0-292.2)

Here is the slideshow from the first section chunk of the Great Divide Trail. You may not be able to view this on a smartphone or in the email if you are an email subscriber. Click here for the direct link if you don’t see it below.

For a more descriptive idea of this section, here is the general breakdown of how it all connected…
The trail starts at the US/Canada border in Waterton Lakes National Park and follows the Carthew-Alderson trail to Lineham Ridge and then the Tamarack Trail. From there, it’s up La Coulette Ridge to the alternate of the Barnaby Ridge. Then down at South Fork Lakes and onto some four wheel drive roads that lead Willoughby Ridge and the town of Coleman. From Coleman, it’s some more dirt roads toward the Line Creek Mining area and then up over Tornado Mtn Saddle and dipping down and back up on ridges including Cataract Ridge and then down to Aldridge Creek. From there, we took an alternate up Cadorna Creek up and over Coral Pass and then down Nivelle Creek to the Elk Lakes area to enter Kananaskis. Then it’s through the Peter Loughheed Provencial Park over North Kananaskis Pass down along LeRoy Creek and crossing Palliser River and Palliser Pass to then do some meadow walking until we headed over Wonder Pass to enter Mt Assiniboine Provencial Park. From there, it’s north on to Sunshine Village and into Banff. Enjoy the ride, we sure did!

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