Bonus Post: Walking With Greg!

By the time you read this, I’ll be gasping for air as we are huffing it up over 10,000ft. I wanted to share with everyone a video my friend made of our hiking and adventures around Portland. My friend Greg is practically a brother to me and my twin sister. He has yet to be able to visit me in Portland since I moved there 6yrs ago. As a gift for me and Greg, my sister got him a flight to come out and play tourist. Greg makes great videos documenting his ventures and just this weekend put one together of our time in Portland and our backpacking trip (his FIRST!) along the Olympic Coast. I usually don’t post much that isn’t my long trail stuff, but this is something special that I want to have here for myself. Hope you enjoy it. Thanks to Greg for documenting our ventures! Man, I’m a lucky person in sooo many ways! I’m still in awe of it each and every day.


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