March 31st

This is another short entry. We had a day off in Hobart as we wait two days for our clear weather window before we head to the Western Arthurs. I’m very much enjoying the break from detailed blogging for these couple days! We slept in and took the day to visit the Museum of Old and New Art (MONA) museum. I’m not big on museums, but this one is very unique and on the list of must do things for people that visit Tasmania. 

An interactive art display trampoline outside the MONA museum.

The view overlooking Hobart.

It had a unique way of presenting and describing the art with each person getting an iPhone with an app for the museum. There are no plaques or descriptions on the wall. The app brings up the works of art around you, and has written descriptions, audio descriptions, and even some interviews with the artists. It was pretty cool, and the maze of endless art kept us there most of the day. Here are a few photos.  

One of the coolest displays was this huge piece that dropped water in the form of words randomly grabbed off some online media information sites. It was one that you could see from many levels of the museum and it was constantly changing. The idea of it is how inundated we all are with media theses days and how we see words for moments yet don’t get all the information absorbed because it’s rapidly changing and coming in snippets. There are these buzz words that get repeated and this brief and interrupted feed of random information is how we are viewing the world and interacting as a whole. It was pretty cool, and has become a crowd favorite at the museum. 


In the evening, we went to see Beauty and the Beast. Griggs came somewhat reluctantly when nothing else more interesting was showing. I loved it! It lived up to expectations and then some. Really great on the big screen. 

Tomorrow, it will be raining in the Arthurs, where we plan to do the Western Arthurs traverse, so we will take the day to relax and then drive out there to begin the day after tomorrow. The Western Arthurs traverse is one of the more remote and challenging hikes in Tasmania, and we’ve waited all trip for a good open window. It’s pretty exciting that we are getting it! I may be out of service and unable to post while out there, but will post when I can. We expect it to take around 5 days and also hope to hit one more overnight at Mt Anne before we fly out in 10 days. We are so fortunate that weather has aligned to give us to the opportunity to do these two, and it will be a great way to end our time in Tasmania. 

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