Since most of my friends and family are not from the West Coast, I thought I’d give a brief tutorial on the Pacific Crest Trail. Most people in the Midwest are more familiar with the Appalachian trail on the East Coast. I hadn’t heard of the PCT until I moved out to Portland a year and a half ago and started hiking. Everywhere I went, I kept seeing the PCT trail logo. That trail was everywhere!

The PCT is 2,650mi long and runs from Mexico to Canada and around 300 hikers attempt to thru hike every year…not sure how many actually finish. The trail is unique because of the wide range of terrain, climate, and elevation. The trail goes through six of North America’s seven ecozones. The elevation varies from sea level to over 13,000ft. Hikers have a small window to hike (April to October) and will have many 25mi+ days. Most hikers start at the southern terminus at the Mexican border (near Campo, CA) and hike north (northbound hikers). The goal is to start early enough to avoid scorching desert heat (which will still be over 110 degrees!) and finish in Manning Park, Canada before the winter snow begins up north.

Having been raised in the Midwest, most of the places I’ll be going through will be completely new to me. That makes me both excited and nervous. Regardless of how far I make it, I’m looking forward to a great adventure!

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