Hi Everyone! I have good news and bad news…

I want to update you on the New Zealand contest that I applied to about a month ago. The top 20 finalists have been chosen and I did not make the cut. It was a disappointment, but I am surprised at how quickly that feeling vanished. All of your support and well wishes were amazing, so thank you for being so encouraging! I’ve had time to absorb the news and accept it, but it’s okay to kick a couple things and yell if needed;) You can view the top 20 finalists here. You’ll notice that many are not avid long distance backpackers, but have a good story to tell or are good with photography or videography. My favs are Martin, Matt, Richard, and Stephanie. A special shout out goes to fellow PCTer Condor(Kolby). If I couldn’t make the cut I’m glad someone else could who has hiked on the PCT. Condor hiked about 60% of the PCT the year I did, journals with watercolors, and has unique nature photos and videos. Show these people and any others you like LOVE(votes) by clicking on the heart at the end of their profile. The red heart will turn grey once you have voted and you can LOVE multiple people.

Now back to me and the GOOD NEWS…It turns out that a local production company saw my application video. They think that my hiking could be good material for a potential Reality or Docu-Series show. I know, crazy, huh!? I have met with them and they are interested in creating a demo video (known as a “Sizzle”) using my footage that will be “shopped around” to various production companies and networks in hopes of being picked up. This is all surreal to me, but so far means nothing because it is many steps away from actually becoming something. So far, it’s just a fun thing and once the “Sizzle” video is made, I’ll share it with you all. So, probably nothing, but I love how one door closes and another one opens in life where you’d least expect it.

I’ve always felt like I have a pretty sweet life and all this hiking is just a bonus. Knowing I have the Continental Divide Trail coming up in April has me plenty occupied. I am continuing to spend most of my time working double (substituting & babysitting/nannying) to save up so I can comfortably take off for another five months to hike. Just the idea that I was able to do that for the Pacific Crest Trail and now again a year and a half later, is something to be thankful for. Life is good!

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