This will be a brief entry as I took my fifth zero today at Swinja’s (Sweetfish & Ninja). About 75% of the day was spent burning my eyes into a computer screen as I bounced my laptop here to upload my photos from the the last ~800mi. The slideshow took much of the day to edit, caption, and load. I’m relieved to have it done and also cleared my email inboxes. I also did some planning for the Long Trail immediately after the AT.

Everyone was gone for the day except Sweetfish’s mom Kathy so we had a nice day together. I ate as much as I could and moved as little as possible. Kathy is a seamstress which is perfect timing as I had many things that needed little repairs. I took a photo of her in action and then promptly deleted it accidentally when I cleared my camera’s sd card, dang! Everyone was home for dinner and I made pasta, salad, and BROWNIES to show my gratitude. Ninja made some homemade guacamole to fatten me up some more tomorrow.

Dinner with Sweetfish, Kathy, Bob, and Ninja

As for tomorrow I will be DOUBLE ZEROING, gasp! I know, crazy right!? The timing is just right for it. More storms are expected again tomorrow, my throat is oddly still pretty sore(phlegm, but not cough or fever), and Jett Cat will arrive tomorrow morning(YAY!!!). She is going to get a well deserved break before we head out to tackle the Whites together the day after tomorrow. She did a 35mi day into Hanover and then came right back out the next day to do almost exactly the mileage I did this past leg, only she did it with thunderstorms and pouring rain on and off some days. She deserves a break and we are looking forward to hiking on together. Ninja may even join us on our first day out for some real girl power! So be proud of me for taking a break and teaming up with another hiker. The Whites are gonna be great!

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