Hello everyone! I first want to apologize for the lengthy gap between updates. This is well overdue and lots has happened in the last month, so I wanted to update everyone before I get too far behind. I’m in a time crunch so this will be as direct as I can make it. All is GREAT and I really couldn’t ask for a better life right now. 
What have you been up to?

After I finished the Long Trail, I spent a fun two weeks in Chicago with my twin sister and her family, which includes my 1 and 3yr old nephews. I have officially been home in Portland for just two weeks and I immediately dove right into working as a substitute teacher and nanny with many days a week being 13hr days. I find that diving right into work and projects is how I adjust best to being off trail and I’ve definitely done that. I seem to have over committed in all aspects of life, but hey, that’s better than not having enough to do I guess. I have a lot to do just to settle in after being gone so long and I have agreed to some independent articles that I need to write and presentations (see dates above) I need to put together. I have the thank you cards I like to send out to those of you who were so supportive to me and I hope to get them filled out and sent soon. My fall shows kick into full swing starting next week (so excited!) so it’s really going to be difficult to focus and get things done. I swear it’s like self imposed homework! Eventually, I will get my gear review and AT stats done, but it may be November, sorry! 
During the little time I have open, I’ve been trying to see friends and I’ve had some great celebratory triple crown meals! I was even fortunate enough to get a personally made triple crown! Thanks to my friend Craig for that one! I did get to go to PCT Days in Cascade Locks and it was a fun reunion of hikers and people from the hiking community. Squatch even flew out west to MC the longest raffle in history!

What About Squatch’s Documentary?
is still out east hiking and filming. His goal is to have the
documentary done (which should include me, Jett Cat, and the Kallins) sometime in March. It will have a one time premiere
showing in a Portland theater that will be fun to go to and it will be
available, like his other films, to order on DVD or download. I will
keep everyone updated for when it comes out! Here is the link to his website where you can see his other films too.

The Kallins Finished!

All In, Cartwheel, Mama Bear, Robin Hood…The Kallins!

Those of you who missed it, the Kallins (who I adore and overlapped with in Shenandoah) finished the trail on Sept 1st. I just love their finish photo and had to share it! We got to Skype recently and I miss them greatly. Such an awesome family and I recommend reading their journal during the off season if you missed it. They are only the 16th family to complete the AT with young children. The Portland, Maine news even did a report on them and I was mentioned in it too. Click here to see that. So cool! 

When is the Triple Crowning?

There is an official Triple Crown ceremony where this year’s class of triple crowners (completed by Sept 1st) will receive their plaques.
It takes place the last weekend in September each year at the
Gathering, which is a weekend event hosted by ALDHA West (American Long
Distance Hiking Association West). This year, the Gathering will take
place in Stampede Pass, WA and it is open to the public with a weekend
full of events and guest speakers. Registration is open until September 19th
for anyone interested in attending. Due to work commitments, I will
only be there Saturday night for the Triple Crown Dinner. Just two weeks
away! My next post will be after that weekend so I’ll share that with everyone.

What about New Zealand??
I have gotten a lot of inquiries about the possible Te Araroa hike in New Zealand that was mentioned in the AT Closing Thoughts with Jett Cat. Unfortunately, it isn’t in the cards for this year as Jett Cat needs to be smart and save for upcoming grad school (stupid responsibility!) that starts in the fall. Don’t worry, that hike is still in my future and there may still be future adventures with Jett Cat as we keep in touch as she will be in California and not far away. I’ve had many of you ask why we don’t just do a “fund my hike” type of crowd sourcing and I can tell you that I know it would work to raise the money, but it just isn’t my way of doing things. I like earning my hikes and so does Jett Cat. We are each fortunate to have had the adventures we’ve already had in life and more well earned trips will come in time.

So, What IS Next Then??? 
Seriously people, do you think that with all that’s going on that I’ve even had time to dream up a new hike and start planning it?…well, of course I have! I am quite excited about my ideas for this coming Spring/Summer, but I will leave everyone in suspense and I plan to formally announce my intentions in November or December once I’ve finally wrapped up the AT stuff. Don’t worry, I’m not done yet and there are many more years of hiking ahead of me. I hope you all stick around for the ride…

One More Thing…
The weather has been too good to resist and I did go backpacking this past weekend. I got to do the Round the Mountain Trail around Mt Adams and it was such a great hike! It is 38mi with about 7mi of route finding along an unmaintained side of the mountain on an Indian Reservation. It even overlapped the PCT for 9mi and I was in HEAVEN! I got to break in my brand new Gossamer Gear Mariposa Pack which has been improved and updated and just been released this past month. So sweet! Here it is in action and below is the full slideshow of the trip. Those of you on a mobile device may need to view the slideshow on a desktop. Thank you to fellow Gossamer Gear Trail Ambassador, Allgood, for organizing such an awesome trip!

The new Gossamer Gear Mariposa pack in action with Mt Rainier in the background.

Slideshow: Round the Mountain Trail, Mt Adams

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