Wired Site Goes LiveAwwwww yeah! I’m one week from setting off on 9 months of hiking, and I now have the platform to optimally share it with everyone! After 5yrs on the archaic Blogger hosted website I started haphazardly, I’ve finally gotten the site migrated over to the WordPress hosting platform where the possibilities are endless. Migrating almost 700 posts and 5yrs of hiking content  is a HUGE undertaking that I am in no way qualified to do. This is where the miracle worker, Carrie Carter (of Carrie-Carter design + code) stepped in. Carrie is a fellow Portlander and she is able to do website design and migration stuff for anyone anywhere remotely. I won’t even go into the details and the time that it took to make this happen, but I feel like after doing this for me, Carrie could do anything! I had heard it would be virtually impossible to migrate all I had over to WordPress without losing content or having to link to the old site, but Carrie found a way to make it happen and took the site above an beyond anything I ever thought would be possible. THANK YOU SO MUCH Carrie!!!

I won’t say too much here as you can navigate around yourself, but I do want to say what my intention is with the site. Most importantly, I want it to feel like me. Those of you that have been with me from that first moment (when I cried at the start of the PCT) to completing the triple crown, and moving on to more remote and challenging hikes, I think you will love it! For those of you just coming in on this journey, you can easily go back on the previous seasons and binge read just like you do when House of Cards comes out on Netflix each year. I want it to be content driven in a clear and concise way that both shares the journey with everyone while also being a resource to other hikers.

I LOVE how this all came together! With so much varied content(text, video, photo, audio), it was difficult to find a good way to organize it all, but Carrie made it happen. Click around on a desktop for the full experience. Some features are muted on tablets and phones for optimal viewing on smaller devices. Notice how I got to keep my original background, yay! Carrie is soon going to import all the comments to past posts from Disqus the last 5yrs. That’s HUGE for me and has major sentimental value. Plus, now you all are going to have a much more user friendly way of commenting on future posts through what is setup now for commenting on the site. For each trail, there are links to every day’s post, my gear used on that hike, photos, videos (mostly PCT & CDT), and any other important links associated to that hike. Check out the live and interactive map on my “Where’s Wired” tab to see where I’m headed in about a week. The Gear tab has a whole new layout and I have to thank Rockin’ for her guidance on that one! Rockin’s gear page is awesome! I’m really happy with the presentation of the various podcasts I’ve been on in the “About Me” tab. Lastly, I want to say THANK YOU to Drew from Force Brand Design for the newly designed Wired logo (with assistance from Carrie as well!). The original concept came from my friend Funhog who made my original Wired stamp back in 2011 and now it’s evolved to what you see on the site. Ok, enough from me, go see for yourself and stay tuned for more posts this week to kick off this upcoming year of hiking!

Final Note: If you are already a subscriber (and got this post through email) there is no need to subscribe again. Your name was already added to the new mailing list. Gmail users, it may fall in your Promotions folder, but if you pull it into your Inbox folder, it will land there for all future mailings. 

*One more note. If you find a glitch anywhere or something that isn’t working, please email me. Some things seem to be happening on some computers that I’m not experiencing on mine (like the large avatars some are seeing in the comments, but not others). I appreciate knowing so we can get them fixed.

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