Ah, it was a nice relaxed day of getting chores done in town. Why Not and I stayed in Bishop while Rockin’ rented a car and drove home to Tehachapi to get treatment for some pre-hike allergies and a sinus and chest infection. We all had blogs to update, resupplies to do, families to call, and gear that needed to be purchased, fixed, or swapped out. Basic town stuff. 

I caught up on some emails, got to talk to friends, and Skyped with my nephews. Still didn’t get enough done to watch the last few episodes of VEEP, but I still have time to hopefully do that tomorrow before we set off in the afternoon. 

Let’s see, what else…I replaced a pole tip that broke, and we all got chapstick with Zinc in it, and some cheap grippy gardening gloves to save our hands from all that granite when we are in the boulders. We are all frying with the sun reflecting from all directions, so I’m caving an getting one of those safari hats. Fortunately, I found a blue one at least! I want to give a big shout out to Bishop’s Sage To Summit for being awesome and recommend dropping in there if you’re in Bishop! 

Bring it on relentless sun!

We added a day to this next resupply for extra padding. None of us are looking forward to the long haul back over Bishop Pass at 11,972ft, but it’s nice to give ourselves more time and know we don’t have to push overly hard. We’ll be pushing, that’s for sure, but no need for making it more stressful than it already is. Here’s a shot of the next week worth of food for myself and Why Not. We should be in Mammoth around July 5th. Mine is pretty obvious with labels. What isn’t labeled are repackaged Mountain House dinners, some dehydrated milk, Skittles & Starbursts, and a bag of various nuts and dried fruit that Why Not has convinced me to try out. 

My resupply for a week in the high Sierra.

Why Not has a lot of her own homemade concoctions. She is no cook (doesn’t carry a stove) and soaks various things for lunch and dinner including dehydrated rice, curry, seasonings, chicken, veggies, chicken sausage, etc. there is also ProBars, Mojo Bars, Trader Joes Organic Corn Chips, Coffee, Nuts, and dried fruit. 

Why Not’s Resupply

Finally, we ate dinner at the Mountain Rambler Brewery for the second night in a row. We all love their Rustic Salad! Thanks so much to Curt who reached out and treated myself and Why Not to a meal there last night! 

Dinner at Mountain Rambler Brewery.

So as for this next section. Weather is interesting this week with higher chances of rain or brief afternoon t-storms. We are welcoming maybe some clouds! Sadly, as most of you know California wildfires are the earliest they’ve ever been and there are still some going to give some haze. Hopefully nothing more will develop to bring us down. That snow will still be there, but is melting fast. Both good and bad as there is the danger of postholing into something bad. 

I’m feeling good about moving forward and giving it a go within my comfort zone. There are many options this leg to hike out a side trail if we get to anything I’m not fully comfortable with or if myself or Rockin’ aren’t feeling good since our bodies seem to be not 100%. The hope is that none of that will be necessary, but it’s good to know the option is there if needed. Why Not and Rockin have decided to send home the ice axes and keep their microspikes. I just feel more secure with the ice axe, so I’ll be lugging it at least one more leg along with the micros, which we all may just keep the whole route.
I do want to say thanks to everyone! The new blog platform seems to be working out great and although I may not respond to every comment or email, know that they have been read and they are quite encouraging and motivating. Ok, here we go! New posts may not be up for a week…until then you can still check in on the interactive map on my “Where’s Wired” tab to see our progress each day. Remember, this is a route where 10mi in a day is a huge day, so many days will seem like we’ve hardly moved. No worries, we are right on schedule. Slowly inching up there! Happy trails and enjoy the 4th everyone. If timing is right, we may get a good show of some fireworks from the mountains that night. 

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