March 21st
Mileage: 0

Well, I guess I should be careful what I wish for. I mentioned yesterday that I’d like to get a day of rain in town to be able to see Beauty and the Beast, and I got it…well sorta got it. We arrived at Par Avion, the small place where the bush planes fly out at 8:30am. There were low clouds today, which we knew would be a risk, as these small planes need visibility to be able to fly out.

We waited an hour and a half with about a dozen others before they announced that maybe around 2pm the clouds would clear and to wait until then. Par Avion conveniently had couches and good wifi, so we were totally happy to relax. I had some emailing to do and also had yearly trainings I needed to do for my return to sub teaching when I get back to Portland in a few weeks. It was good to have down time to get all that done. Then I got to Skype with my nephews before they went to bed. They are obsessed with things like planes, so I knew they’d love seeing where I was and the small planes. It was a hit.

Then we walked down the street and had Subway. I want to thank my friend Catherine for being such a thoughtful friend and making this day brighter today. She knows what I’m referring to, and I just want to say THANK YOU:)

Just after 2pm, the flights were officially postponed to tomorrow morning when the clouds might lift. Hopefully, at some point tomorrow, they will clear enough for the hour long flight to Melaleuca. We got a ride back into Hobart and checked into The Pickled Frog Hostel. Not as great as last night’s place, but more centralized. I was excited to possibly see Beauty and the Beast, but it comes out tomorrow night, so close! I went to see La La Land and enjoyed that, but after all the hype, I  had too high of expectations. Griggs was going to see Logan, but when he looked closely, the one he was going to see was a really pricey one where they serve dinner and all, so he stayed in and watched shows.

Yeah, the plane getting postponed is a delay, we have buffered time knowing weather here can be like this. I actually enjoyed the day to lounge and get some things done. Many wonder how I handle the return home each time, and I honestly look forward to it. Today made me think of Portland when I usually return home in the fall and how it’s rainy and perfect for hermiting. I was in total hermit mode and will welcome it with open arms when I get home. It was a bummer because we hear it’s perfect weather down on the South Coast Track, so we know we chose correctly as all other options will be fogged in and soggy. We just need to get there. Hopefully tomorrow we will.

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