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About The Larapinta Trail: September 14th-22nd

The challenging and remote Larapinta Trail (139mi) runs along the West MacDonnell Ranges in the center of Australia and has become a highly recommended trail in Australia. . This arid area is similar to that experienced in Southwestern United States. The blazed and sometimes off-trail route goes through various landscapes along the range to include rocky ridges, creek beds, plains, and through many gorges. It’s a unique place with little water, so there are tanks along the way that collect rainwater and are filled by trail maintainers. I hiked it eastbound from Redbank Gorge to Alice Springs. It was a unique year in which they had three times their normal rainfall, so I was able to get more greenery, wildflowers, and even experience the Larapinta filled with water after a hard rain.

BASE PACK WEIGHT: 12lbs. 15.4oz.

Before The Hike

Success At Kings Canyon

We were up bright and early at 4:15am to be ready for our bus pick-up at 4:50am. Again, I heard...

Heading Into The Outback

I made it to Australia! Everything went amazingly smooth. So smooth, in fact, that I keep waiting...

Australia Bound!

Well, it still doesn’t seem real yet, but tomorrow I fly to Australia!!! If all goes as hoped, I...

On The Horizon For 2016…

Let The Drumroll Begin! For 2016-2017 I’ll be hiking several high routes, the Wonderland Trail, and then heading down under. I’ll be in Australia and New Zealand this fall and I can’t wait!

During The Hike

Day 6: One To Remember 

September 19th Hugh Gorge(87)-Standley Chasm(105.4) Mileage: 18.4mi/29.6km Campsite Elevation:...

Day 4: It’s Been Awhile

September 17th Waterfall Gorge(40.6)-Ellery Creek Campsite(65.5) Mileage: 25mi/40.2km +.9mi/1.4km...

Day 3: What Rocks?

September 16th Ormiston Lookout(27.8)-Waterfall Gorge(40.6) Mileage: 12.8mi/20.6km +5.2mi/8.4km...

Day 2: Soaking It Up

September 15th Redbank Gorge(9.4)-Ormiston Lookout(27.8) Mileage: 18.4mi/29.6km +1.6mi/2.6km side...

Day 1: Nailed It.

September 14th Redbank Gorge(0)-Mt Sonder-Redbank Gorge(9.4) Mileage: 9.4mi/15.1km Campsite...

After The Hike

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